A genuinely Eco-Friendly Dental Floss.

If you are like me, then you realise it’s all the little things you do that add up to helping the environment and living an eco-friendly life and waste from  dental floss need not contribute to landfill!

Flossing is one of those things we should do twice times a day, so a zero waste option is perfect. Some people I know even like to carry dental floss with them to work or when the head out to eat - Dental Lace's little glass vial makes this super easy and convenient.

Only a few years ago dental floss was not so eco friendly, it was only available in plastic packaging, and other not so eco friendly features. But these days there are more options on the market, and after trying them all my favorite is Dental Lace made from 100% Mulberry silk, coated with candelilla wax and uses natural mint for flavour.

I honestly can’t keep this product in stock. Once you try it you won’t go back to anything else!


It’s more delicate than traditional dental floss.
Because this is made from 100% silk it won't cut your gums like other harder flosses.

It doesn’t snap as easily which saves you money and less waste.
Aghhhh! We all hate it when floss snaps! Well the surprising benefit is Dental Lace doesn’t snap easily. While I might have still considered it even if it did, I am very happy that this is another benefit. This also means you don’t waste as much as you do of traditional floss. Again a little thing that over times adds up to less waste.

Genuinely eco-friendly.
It’s compostable, there is no central spool (the ONLY one on the market to date!), you get a glass vial for storage and are able to purchase refills, it comes in compostable cardboard packaging and the “plastic” looking bag is actually made from compostable corn starch.

Refillable Container.
As you know I am all about less waste, the Dental Lace Refills come with a set of two spools to simply pop into your original Dental Lace glass vial.  Another major bonus is you are saving money by just refilling!
Don’t just ask me, here are just a few of the reviews.

Dental lace is available in three coloured vial options Grey, Blue or Pink, which include 2 x 30m spools of floss. Refills are available and include 2 x 30m spools wrapped in a full compostable corn starch bag.

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💚 Karen.

Image cred to @dentallace.

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