Ecostainable's TOP TIPS to remember your reusable bags.

The single use plastic bag ban is a big step toward sustainability and reducing our global footprint; so as long as you're not buying the reusable plastic bags!  It's also going to be a big step for the community to form new habits in remembering their reusable bags!  I have been taking and using my own bags shopping for years now, so for me this isn't a biggy, but for many it will be.

Ecostainable's Top Tips

Using reusable bags isn't scary or difficult, the challenge is more in remembering them!  Here are my TOP SIX TIPS to help you form that new habit...

1. Keep them in the car.  Yes, it sounds simple, but may be the most difficult thing to remember!  Unpack, fold up and pop them back into the car - make this part of your routine and you'll never get caught short.

2. Keep them by the door you walk out of. This is what I do - my bags are nested inside each other and stacked by the front door.  I can't help but see at them as I turn the handle to open the door.

3.  Install a hook on the back of the door you exit from.  Hang your bag or bag of bags from here so they literally smack you in the face before you go.

4. Write 'bags' at the top of your shopping list.  This is a great option if you make or double check your list before you leave the house.

5. Tie a coloured ribbon from your car keys.  Each time you pick up your keys you'll be reminded to grab your bags.

6. Create a stash of bags.  Some of the reusable bags in the Ecostainable range are extremely compact and can be stashed in handbags, backpacks, gloveboxes, centre console, car seat cover pockets, cup holders, the drawer at work, the nappy bag, etc.  We love ONYA bags as they can be hung from just about anything using their supplied carabina clip - carry them on-ya!

Ecostainable's Reusable Bag Range

Ecostainable's Range of reusable shopping bags will help you in your #banthebag journey! What bags will you choose?

Project Ten Shopper Totes and Insulated Totes
The Project Ten Shopper and Insulated Totes are made from waterproof, tarp like woven polyethylene, and has strong but soft, woven cotton handles.  The Insulated Tote has padded internal lining to keep your goodies cold.  Project Ten Shoppers fit perfectly in to major supermarket bag holders/carousels and carry plenty of weight.  These stylish and bright coloured bags are an Ecostainable favourite - Karen has been using them for over five years, saving umpteen number of ghastly single use plastic bags.  View Project Ten Shopper Totes here and the Insulated Totes here

ONYA Reusable Shopping Bags

Ingeniously made from recycled PET plastic drink bottles, ONYA Reusable Shopping bags are lightweight and  incredibly compact, folding up into a pouch the size of your fist.  They also feature a sturdy carabiner to clip it to something to carry it on-ya!  Though it's a lightweight at just 50g - its a heavy weight in carrying capacity! View the ONYA Shopping Bag range here.

Apple Green Duck - The Grocer Jute Bag
Made from 100% Jute The Grocer bag is strong and sturdy with woven cotton handles. Jute is spun from the  fibre of the Chororus plant, native to tropical and subtropical regions, and is sustainable and extremely robust.  Apple Green Duck ensure high ethical standards in manufacturing of their innovative range of funky reusable shopping bags.  View The Grocer range here.

EverEco Short Handle and Long Handled Totes
everECO Cotton Net Tote Bags are just like grandma use to have. They are made from unbleached, organic cotton and stow away for easy storage.  Super strong and durable the net bags will hold what ever you can throw in them! The long handle tote is perfect for carrying over the shoulder and the short handle great for carting around your lunch or a stash of vegetables and fruit fresh from the market

Femke Textiles Linen Market Bags
Femke Textiles’ unique and beautiful 100% linen market bags are a great companion no matter where you’re heading. Hand made in Melbourne, inspired by the Australian Bush and printed using eco friendly, water based inks.  Linen is hard wearing, sustainable, renewable and biodegradable.  They're also on sale at 30% off!  View the Femke Textiles range here.

Browse Ecostainable's entire reusable bag range here.

Happy plastic bag free shopping! x

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