Hand washing - one of the best way to avoid COVID19/Corona Virus

Currently, the world is in a total lock down with fears of the Covid-19 / Corona Virus.  A vaccination is being worked on day and night, however, no matter what, prevention is always better than a cure - and it's a simple as washing your hands!

For the average healthy person, corona virus isn't a death sentence and there many preventative measures against contracting the virus - the most simple and effective being thoroughly washing your hands!

Everyday, we come in contact with different people, shake hands, touch tables, clothing, public transport, shopping trolleys, door handles and a million other things. These things we touch are the perfect carriers of the virus.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has said that the virus is harmless unless it is taken into the body, mainly transmitted from our hands to our face and then into our bodies. To prevent this transmission we should all be washing our hands regularly and thoroughly as this reduces the chance of contracting the virus at all.

It also does not end with hand washing alone, it also depends on what you wash your hands with. Now, this is where we come in.  After much research and thorough findings, we have come to the conclusion that there is a need for a perfect hand wash that can do the job of preventing the virus transmission effectively.

Tri Nature's Moisturising Hand Wash is Australian Made and perfect to help prevent the spread of corona virus. Although there are many hand wash products on the market, there are only a few with the unique qualities of Tri Nature's Moisturising Hand Wash.

Produced using ethically sourced, plant based ingredients and with a balanced pH - ensuring your hands do not dry out.  With hand washing happening more now than ever, it is super important not to strip the skin of it's natural oils.  Tri Nature's Moisturising Hand Wash prevents not only the spread of viruses but also dry and cracked skin.

Tri Nature's Moisturising Hand Wash comes in three different fragrances derived from pure essential oils to add an uplifting and soothing smell to the hands after every wash.

This product does not contain any soap or harsh chemicals, like petroleum hydrocarbons, SLS, formaldehyde, caustic alkalis, etc.

Like the rest of the Tri Nature range, the Hand Wash not tested on animals and is  vegan friendly.

Start with a 500ml size with it's own pump and then simply refill using the 1L or 5L bulk sizes.

We also offer commercial quantities for offices, schools, kindergartens, child care centres and other workplaces where hand washing is essential.  Please email us at orders@ecostainable.com.au to obtain a quote for bulk purchasing.

There are hundreds of hand washes on the market, but none has been proven to possess the capabilities of Tri Nature's Moisturising Hand Wash. 

Try it today, you won't be disappointed.

💚 Karen.

Laundry image cred to Clay Banks on Unsplash


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