Is Good Riddance Australia’s best natural insect repellent?

Good Riddance by name, Good Riddance by nature. 

Born in Darwin, where midges, mozzies and sandflies are rife, Good Riddance insect repellent is truly tried and tested.  We think IT IS Australia’s best natural insect repellent.  Good Riddance Insect Repellent is proudly Australian made and Owned – hand made using local and ethically sourced ingredients, in small batches in Melbourne.
The unique blend of eight essential oils, including Lemongrass and Lemon Tea Tree essential oils in a moisturising base of shea butter and beeswax is easy to apply, smells awesome and the Tropical Good Riddance formula lasts up to four hours.   It is also free from DEET, parabens and phthalate - chemicals which can be toxic to our bodies and also to the environment. 
We can also tell you first hand that Good Riddance also keeps ants and other pesky insects a bay too.  Insects hate citrus essential oils as the D-Limonene extract destroys the insect's waxy coating and stops them from breathing.
Good Riddance Sensitive + Baby uses a slightly different formulation – Lemongrass and Lavender making it the perfect addition to the nappy bag.  For those who suffer from psoriasis, eczema and other skin conditions Good Riddance Sensitive is your go to!
Recently Good Riddance has undergone vigorous testing to become a registered ‘repellent’ by the APVMA.  You may remember when Good Riddance was called a Mozzie and Midge Mousse.  Achieving APVMA accreditation is a huge accomplishment by the Good Riddance Team as they have gone through many hoops and cut plenty of bureaucratic red tape.  Not many other small businesses would have kept fighting for their product.   Good Riddance can proudly say theirs is the best accredited natural insect repellent on the Australian Market.
The smooth cream texture makes Good Riddance to apply and the fragrance is delightful – not like the well-known stinky DEET formulations!

What’s more, Good Riddance can be applied over sunscreen without affecting the Sunscreen’s Sun Protection Factor (SPF).  
Good Riddance comes in 100ml, 200ml tubs and lockable pump packs.  We also got the 500ml size for large families, sporting clubs and as a refill option.
The plastic tubs and pump bottles are kerb side recyclable, or better yet, refill or upcycle them!  The pots make great little containers for mini sewing kits, first aid kits, loose change, jewellery when travelling – the list is endless.  The pump packs can be locked so are great for other bathroom products whilst travelling – shampoo, conditioner, body wash etc.
Good riddance is a must have for picnics, hiking, days at the beach, chilling by the pool, camping, around the farm – whenever you’re outside really!

Sometimes the bugs get to us first, so Good Riddance also have a Rescue Balm which takes away the sting and irritation from bites and stings.  It comes in a handy lip balm type applicator – perfect for the handbag, beach bag or backpack. 

Stock up on Good Riddance ready for the 2020 summer.

💚 Karen 

 📷 credit to Good Riddance Insect Repellent

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