Single Use Plastic Free Kitchen Options

Kitchens are the hub of the home and are often the hardest place to completely banish single use plastic, but that doesn't mean you can't.  The Kitchen can also be the perfect place to start your single use plastic free journey, and we have put together our best tips for each 'zone', as well as resources and product options for more sustainable choices in the kitchen.

The Fridge, Freezer, Cupboards & Pantry

Banish plastic wrap by covering food, left overs, bowls and plates with the following alternatives:

Here's what else you could try to eliminate Single Use Plastic in the Kitchen:

  • Buy milk in glass bottles  - Check out Schultz Organic Dairy + Barambah Organics + 4Real Milk
  • Use Butter instead of Margarine.
  • Visit your local Butcher and Baker and BYO containers or bread bags - like ONYA or The Swag.
  • Purchase non perishable food, sauces and condiments in jars or tins rather than plastic.
  • Embrace loose leaf tea and make your own tea bag brews using The Swag Tea Bags.
  • Purchase fruit and vegetables without packaging and bag them up using ONYA's Produce Bags - made from recycled PET Bottles!
  • Buy in bulk or refill your own containers at wholefoods stores like The Source
  • Embrace Local Co-Ops (Check the resource list below for locations)
  • Visit your local Farmers Market

Can't afford to buy in bulk or have no room to store the excess? Consider sharing bulk purchases with your family, neighbour or someone in your street.

Thinking about plastic alternatives for storage? Keep your old jars, peruse op shops for storage canisters, or you could even put a 'wanted' ad on Facebook Marketplace!

The Oven

Agreena - Baking Paper and Aluminium Foil alternative - safe for use up to 220 degrees, washable and reusable!

Bake with the If You Care Range make Recycled Aluminium Foil, Patty Pans/Baking Cups, Roasting Bags, Unbleached Baking Paper and Unbleached Cooking Twine.

Coffee Machines

We now stock a range of Seal Pod Reusable Coffee Capsules/Pods for Nespresso coffee machines - more machine options coming soon...

Clean your Coffee Machine with Tri Nature's Maxim Machine Descaler -  a 1l bottle will get you 20 cleans at $1 per clean - much cheaper than supermarket brands and better for the environment and your family!


The ANSC Dish Soap block - is handmade in Melbourne using plant and pure essential oils. Use it whole, cut into sections to extend the life of the block, or grate to create soap flakes.

Tri Nature's Chamomile Dishwashing Liquid - purchase a refillable 500ml dispenser then buy in bulk to save $ and you won't have to keep throwing away bottles!

Or buy in bulk straight away and refill a dispenser like Full Circle's 'Soap Opera'.

Tri Nature's Citrus Dishwashing Powder - 2kg of Tri Nature powder will get you 160 loads, or buy in bulk 10kg size and divvy it up with your friends and family.   Save money, the environment and protect your family's health by using this award winning, Australian made product.

Banish plastic based brushes, sponges and dishcloths with the awesome options we have from Full Circle, Eco Max and Eco Coconut.  My personal favourite is Full Circle's 'Tidy' Dishcloth which is made from bamboo fibres and is compostable at the end of its life!


We love Tri Nature's cost effective and non toxic cleaning concentrates which are diluted into reusable and refillable spray bottles.

Think Supre Multipurpose Cleaner for all hard surfaces, where you'd reach for the Spray and Wipe.

Forget the Dettol - Sphagnum Moss and Sanazone will banish the germs just as well and you're supporting Australian Made!

Throw the Windex out the window and use Hyaline for sparkling clean and streak free glass!

Experience squeaky clean floors with the ultimate floor cleaner, Optimate!

Check out Ecostainable's entire cleaning collection here.


We are completely aware the state of Australia's recycling system and facilities are far from perfect and, of course, that prevention always better than cure.  However we also understand that eliminating plastic can be really challenging.  So here's a list of resources to help you recycle those 'unavoidables' in your home.

Recycling Near You is managed by Plant Ark

This awesome website can help you -

  • Find out about what you can and can't recycle in your household recycling services.       
  • Search for drop-off locations to recycle a wide range of items including electronic waste, batteries, printer cartridges, whitegoods, furniture and much more.         

TerraCycle Australia

TerraCycle is an innovative recycling company that has become a global leader in recycling hard-to-recycle waste.

They have a range of free programs as well as recycling solutions available for purchase for almost every form of waste.

Some of the FREE TerraCycle programs allow you to recycle:

  • Toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes and dental floss containers.
  • Numerous brands of coffee capsules.
  • Bread tags.
  • Pens, markers, glue sticks and white out containers.


RED Group is a Melbourne-based consulting and recycling organisation who has developed and implemented the REDcycle Program; a recovery initiative to help keep your plastic bags and soft plastic packaging out of landfill.

Food Co-Ops

Links for more information and locations of Food Co-ops in Australia.


We really hope our options help you on your journey to eliminate single use plastic in your Kitchen!

Ecostainable - Changing the world, one home at a time

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