The #1 Washing Powder For Eczema & Sensitive Skin

After spending years looking for the answer, I can finally say that I feel 100% confident I have found the best laundry powder on the Australian market.

The National Eczema Association, allergy experts and many people who experience eczema, psoriasis and any other skin irritation all agree that not all washing powders are created equal!

Concerned mums need something that does the job of washing out all those hard to remove grass, blood, greasy food stains, yet something that is non-toxic, safe and natural. More and more mums are realising plant based laundry powder is the way to go for health reasons….

With so many options on the market, and so many “marketing tactics” what can you believe?

Take it from me that after 20 years of studying eco products and the environment this one is the real deal, this is the one I use for my kids and I can trust is the safest on the market today.

Tri Nature's plant based Alpha Plus Laundry Powder is proudly the first Australian made phosphate and nitrate free laundry powder. It’s so great it even won best 'eco product' TWICE - in 2011 AND 2014.  

It is made with natural plant extracts of soapwort and mint balm, which help boost stain removal.  Available in Ocean Fresh or Original/No Fragrance options.

I honestly believe that it is the best eco-friendly laundry powder in Australia!

Try it today! Get a FREE Maxim Machine Descaler with any 2kg+ Laundry Powder purchase, simply use code #1laundry at the checkout.

Have a really tough stain or messy husband or kids - boost you wash with Tri Nature's Enhance Pre Wash Spray and Alpha Plus Pre Wash Soaker.

Prefer a Laundry Liquid - well we have one of those too!

💚 Karen.

Laundry image cred to @hauswivesofguildford.

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