Why a Menstrual Cup might not suit you and it's not your vagina's fault.

There’s soooo many good reasons why a menstrual cup is a great option when Aunt Flo visits each month - eliminating waste, save cash, less risk of TSS, the length of time it can be worn, and the list goes on.  But what if you believe a menstrual cup doesn’t suit you? You know what, it's not you, or your vagina!  I've recently been on a long journey to find a menstrual cup that fits me and my vagina.  I am sure I am not alone in my thoughts, so here's my story!

I’ve always been a pad user. To me, any flow from the body is meant to come out, not to be held back.  So tampons were only ever used when I was swimming. I guess the fact that I also never felt comfortable with a tampon in was a contributing factor. I could feel it and it was distracting.

I thought that might change since having children, but it hasn’t.  I’m not strange or weird, just sensitive.  And there is certainly nothing wrong with my bits!

I’ve got numerous friends and customers who rave about menstrual cups and for several years I toyed with the idea of trying them.  One friend told me using a menstrual cup had reduced her cramping and lessened her flow.  Another friend was worried that she smells when menstruating so a cup eliminated this concern.  They all swear by them and will never go back to pads or tampons.

So this past summer I finally bit the bullet and I tried my first cup in December. I read the user guide from my JuJu cup with intent, learning how to fold, insert and place the cup correctly.  It took a little getting used to, but once I got the hang of it, inserting was easy peasy.

Ok, so it was up in there correctly, with good suction and certainly doesn’t hurt. But just like a tampon, I could feel it.  It’s there and distracting me. I persisted though because I needed to swim.

I had a chat with a good friend of mine, who happened to be wearing hers, so in a little secret women’s business gathering in the change rooms she showed me hers.  It’s a slightly softer silicone - I wondered whether this might make a difference to me?

So I bought a Lunette Cup which is made from softer silicone and has a flat removal tab.

When Aunt Flo arrived again, I tried the Lunette Cup, again inserting correctly etc. Yep. I felt it. Obviously it’s me. I feel things in my bits.  It wasn’t leaking, it wasn’t poking out, it was just there.  UGH. At this point I decided that it's just me.  I must have a 'sensitive' vagina.

In my last ditch effort to find a Menstrual Cup that suited me, I came across the Hello Cup from New Zealand.  With it described as being 'bloody brilliant' and super comfortable, I though I'd best to give it a try!

I bought a range of Hello Cups to stock here at Ecostainable and in doing so bought a couple extra in for me. 

As per the Hello Cup guide I tried the 'L' size.  Nup.  I felt it.  I also felt let down.

Then I had a brainwave, what if it's not my vagina? What if it's the cup size? Having birthed two children, being over 35, and certainly not fit or particularly active - I was SURE that according to the all the size guides I was buying the right cup for me.

GUESS WHAT?!  I don't have a 'sensitive' vagina, I just have a small one!  The Hello Cup S/M is MY answer, it FITS, has good suction, doesn't leak AAAND I after a while cannot feel it! OMG!

I cannot tell you how relieved I was in finally finding a cup that worked for me. 

I started my journey with apprehension, three attempts using different cups proved unsuccessful, but finally in my last ditch effort, I FOUND MY PERFECT MENSTRUAL CUP.

My journey could have been expensive, but thankfully as a stockist of these three menstrual cup brands it wasn't.  I get that you don't have this luxury, so I hope in sharing my journey I can help you on yours, without the expense of buying multiple cups.

So what do I suggest?

  1. Read each product description and size guide carefully; remembering that it's only a guide.  Choose your favourite design (they are all slightly different) and what you believe will be the best fit.
  2. Use the code VAGINA at the checkout to receive 10% off your menstrual cup purchase.
  3. Master your folding technique and practice insertion in the shower.
  4. If after trying it a couple of times, your cup feels awkward, uncomfortable or like it is going to fall out, then consider changing cup size.

I truly wish you the best of luck in your Menstrual Cup journey and would love to hear how you go.

💚 Karen.

We PROUDLY stock JuJu, Lunette and Hello Cup, because we believe they are all great products! JuJu is the only cup made in Australia, Lunette has that easy grip flat removal tab, and the Hello Cup has the double cup option, ideal for people wanting to try two sizes but not wanting to pay the price of buying two separately.  

Image cred to Good Soul Shop on Unsplash


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