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The BASS Story

BASS have been making world class brushes since 1979. In recent times, inspired by the sustainability of Bamboo, BASS have developed their ‘green’ range, using bamboo for pins and handles, and combs.

Suitable for professional and home use, BASS has an eco friendly brush or comb for all hair types!

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The BeeKeepa Story

BeeKeepa was launched in February 2015 and is based in Melbourne. Run by blogger and keen gardener Natasha Kuperman of My Home Harvest, it’s a project that brings together her love of fresh produce, her creative and crafting whims and her love of great sustainable ideas.

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The Billie Goat Soap Story

Billie Goat Soaps were created in 2005, by a mum whose son was suffering from eczema. Concerned about long-term steroid use on her little boy’s skin, she believed there had to be another way, and started researching the benefits of natural eczema treatments, including goats milk.

The mother was living on a farm, with her family and a pet goat they had adopted from the RSPCA, so she decided to make her own goats milk soaps. After a lot of experimenting and taking soap making lessons, the first batch of Billie Goat Soaps were born. Seeing the remarkable effects the soaps had on her own little boy, she was spurred on to share the message of natural remedies in the management of eczema and other serious skin conditions. The Billie Goat Soap range has expanded to include beautiful, premium products that cater to all skin types. Products are designed to help people suffering from eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, such as our Intensive range and our hand-made. There are also products for all members of the family, especially for mum and baby.

Billie Goat Soap utilise the highest quality ingredients, including premium oils and extracts derived from nature as well as fresh Australian goats milk, and combine them in unique manufacturing methods, keeping the goodness in and the nasties out. Proudly 100% Australian owned and Australian made.

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The Cuisipro Story

Cuisipro have been making fine kitchenware for almost 20 years. They now have more than 250 products and have customers around the world. Their international perspective keeps them in tune with food tastes and changing markets – and they use this knowledge to guide thier vision.

Cuisipro Mission
Cuisipro believe in the joy and pleasure that great food – and its preparation and serving – can bring. They want to bring people together around cooking, sharing and entertaining. Their mission is to create distinctive products that help our customers do just that – with pleasure. Their ergonomic designs work beautifully and can be displayed with pride and used with confidence.

Cuisipro Values
The company is founded on integrity, trust, openness, honesty and excellence. Cuisipro work hard and are committed to bringing customers the best products using innovative design and the highest quality materials at a fair price.

Cuisipro Products
Cuisipro’s contemporary forms and materials never go out of style. Their award-winning designs are casually elegant, classically modern and endearingly timeless.

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The EcoTools® Story

When we feel beautiful, we use this power to create a more beautiful world. In 2007, the demand for eco-friendly products began to increase and EcoTools® saw an opportunity to pioneer a new kind of beauty product. The kind of products that help women feel beautiful, offering the softest touch at affordable prices, while also preserving the beauty of the environment. Almost ten years later, EcoTools® are proud to continue offering everyday women authentic, natural beauty products that make them feel beautiful, both inside and out.

EcoTools® — encourage you to embrace your own individual meaning of beauty and share it with the world — whether it is makeup tutorials, an inspirational story or giving back to the community. Because when you feel truly beautiful, you will make the world and everyone around you feel beautiful!

Cruelty Free
EcoTools® love our furry friends! Their products are PETA certified, meaning they are 100% cruelty free and vegan.

Recycled Materials
EcoTools® believe in giving a new purpose to old things. That’s why EcoTools® products are made from recycled aluminum and plastic.

Tree Free
EcoTools® packaging is made of 100% Tree-Free paper. HOW? With 20% cotton and 80% bamboo fibres!

Recycled Bamboo
The handles on EcoTools® products are made of renewable bamboo, one of the fastest growing plants on the planet!

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The ever ECO Story

The ever ECO story is still to come.

The Full Circle Story

A life cycle. Every product in our homes has one—from a scrub brush to a sponge. They’re designed and manufactured, serve out their purpose, get old and are thrown away. In Australia alone, if one scrub brush per household gets thrown out every year, that’s about 8 million brushes ending up in the garbage. Yes, you read that correctly—8 million!
And many of them are plastic (petroleum-based plastic) which means it takes about 1000 years before they start to break down. Yes, you also read that correctly—1000 years!
But what if there was a scrub brush made from sustainable, biodegradable materials? One that would eventually break down into those same biodegradable materials? And what if it was made in a factory with great working conditions and higher environmental standards? And what if it was ergonomic, worked great, and looked terrific in your home?
Well, that’s pretty much the thinking behind Full Circle.
You will notice on their packaging that Full Circle states, “Sustainably made in China.” Many might think these two things are mutually exclusive, but that is up to the manufacturer. Full Circle look at the environmental and social practices of our factories to ensure they are up to standards. And more importantly, they are on the ground making sure they keep up those standards. Want some examples? They thought you’d never ask….
– Full Circle sources raw materials close to where all of the processes and packaging is done to minimize transportation.
– Full Circle ensure scraps and waste materials are recycled.
– Full Circle use recycled and FSC certified paper for our marketing materials and packaging
– Full Circle audit our factories according to the following: fair labor practices, health & safety, compensation & work hours, environmental conditions including air and water, as well as waste disposal.
Full Circle are not perfect and do not claim to be, but they do closely monitor the environmental and social impact of our products. They look forward to expanding our initiatives and welcome comments or suggestions.
That’s just the kind of company Full Circle set out to be.
It’s a simple reality: our product choices are limited to what we can find on store shelves. And more often than not, products that are the most accessible aren’t always the most eco-friendly. Or good looking. That’s just the way it’s been for ages.
But the game has changed—with Full Circle’s line of stylish, functional products made from sustainable and renewable resources. Like scrub brushes with sleek, bamboo handles and sponges made from cellulose, a plant-based fibre. We’ve even made pot scrubbers that fully biodegrade! (As you can see, we’re really into this stuff.)
Important behind-the-scenes changes are happening here, too—such as improved working conditions, cleaner manufacturing methods and higher environmental standards. Even Full Circle’s suppliers have come around to our way of thinking. (They’re kind of persuasive that way.)
Full Circle believes in constantly striving to do things better. While there may be a finite number of resources in the world, there’s an infinite number of ways to use them more wisely.
And figuring out how to do that is what gets us them every morning.

Come Clean, Come Full Circle.

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The GAIA Story

Launched in 2002, GAIA Natural Baby was created by mum Michelle Vogrinec after her baby developed eczema when he was just 8 weeks old. Michelle couldn’t find skin care products suitable for little Josh’s skin which led her to create a range of gentle non-irritating products to care for his skin.

Proudly Australian Made and Ownde, GAIA Skin Naturals provides skin care products created especially for sensitive skin, for everyday use, at an affordable price, using naturally derived and organic ingredients wherever possible.

GAIA’s mission is to provide a brand that people can trust, high quality ‘clean and green’ products to the mainstream population through all distribution channels so it is easy to purchase, to be a part of daily bathroom routines, all without the high price tag normally associated with natural and organic products.

GAIA Made for Men targets those typical male issues, like razor burn and shaving rash.

GAIA’s only uses ingredients that are well researched and sourced through reputable companies and suppliers that provide high quality goods and have proven certification certificates assuring us and you of their purity. In fact some of our products are manufactured in ACO Certified Organic processing plants and all products are manufactured to strict GMP practices and undergo quality testing prior to release.

GAIA have chosen NOT to use ingredients known to cause skin irritation or that are suspected to be harmful.

GAIA pride ourselves on always maintaining a high standard of ethics, honesty and customer service and we are a company passionate about looking after the health and wellbeing of others using sustainable methods and incorporating eco friendly business practices.

GAIA are a professional family business that started in the spare room of our certified organic produce farm in the Dandenong Ranges where our family grew and sold organic fruit, veggies and herbs. The farm was sold in 2004 and our business moved into a small office and warehouse in Melbourne, which we outgrew very quickly.

Owned and operated by Simon and Michelle Vogrinec and a team of well trained, dedicated and passionate staff, our aim is to provide great products for all homes.

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When GO BAMBOO’s founders Mick Williams and Anna Proctor heard about the The North Pacific Gyre they were dismayed to hear of this sea of plastic twice the size of the state of Texas! They were so shocked and disgusted that they decided to try and live their lives with as little plastic as possible.

They started to pay more attention to what they were buying in their weekly shop, making better choices about packaging and choosing non-plastic alternatives when available. This was going fine until they needed to replace the kids’ toothbrushes. They were struck by the amount of plastic that goes into a toothbrush, plus the unnecessary packaging, and that there was no non-plastic alternative. They buy three or four of these a year and questioned – how many is that over a lifetime? Not being able to purchase eco friendly toothbrushes in New Zealand, Mick and Anna designed their own using bamboo. They were pretty popular and wondered, why couldn’t bamboo be used instead of plastic in more disposable items?

GO BAMBOO expanded their range to include other household items like pegs, veggie brushes and cotton buds, and are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to provide simple and sustainable alternatives to the little things we all use every day.

GO BAMBOO won the waste minimisation section of the 2012 Green Ribbon Awards, which honour outstanding contributions to protecting New Zealand’s environment.

GO BAMBOO is serious about keeping plastic off our coastlines and beaches and out of our oceans.

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The Hanky Folk  Story

Hanky Folk Dan is a surfer, traveller, foodie, father and hanky creator. He grew up with hankies. His old man always used them and the tradition naturally rubbed off on Dan. It wasn’t until he met his wife, that he realised not everyone used hankies. This was a shock to him.
Dan decided the humble handkerchief needed a voice, a revamp and a future.
Hanky Folk make hankies in the most sustainable way they can, knowing full well that the most sustainable thing to do would be not to make them at all. However we think the world needs cool hankies and hope they bring you nothing but happiness, a clean nose and years of great service.
Join us and #ditchthetissue

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The Jack N’ Jill  Story

Jack N’ Jill is a natural toothpaste for babies, toddlers & children that is safe to swallow. It was first made in Melbourne, Australia in 1949 and it has been a family business for more than 20 years. It proudly continues to be made in Australia!

A few years ago Justin and Rachel, the creators of Jack N’ Jill, had their first child and immediately joined many parents, the world over, who are concerned about current environmental issues and the direct effects they have on children. They started to question everything he came into contact with, not wanting to expose him to unnecessary additives and chemicals. They felt frustrated about the lack of choice in early childhood oral hygiene. With a background in pharmacy, they set out to formulate the absolute safest toothpaste for their kids and yours. In the process, they also made it the most fun & yum!

Jack N’ Jill Toothpaste is 100% safe for young children – especially because they have a tendency to swallow it, rather than spit it out! All Jack N’ Jill branding is designed to be appealing to children and is cute enough that parents won’t mind it sitting on their bathroom vanity. Alongside the toothpaste we have designed and manufactured the first children’s toothbrushes with handles that are made of NON GMO cornstarch, and are therefore biodegradable and recyclable. Did we mention ‘cute’?

Jack N’ Jill are extremely proud of our formulation, having successfully developed a toothpaste containing ingredients with mild and known safety profiles.

Jack N’ Jill believe that businesses have an obligation to the environment, that’s why we have formulated an all natural, hypoallergenic toothpaste with organic ingredients, and designed our packaging to be minimal, recyclable and BPA Free.

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The JOCO  Story

JOCO make glass reusable coffee cups. Our cups are designed to enhance your morning brew, save your taste buds and help out mother nature.  Designed in Torquay – a bustling hot spot for great food, local produce, organic good and, of course, fab coffee!

JOCO were shocked to learn that annually, over 500 billion disposable paper, Styrofoam and single-use plastic cups are used worldwide. These cups deplete natural resources, increase C02 emissions and most are sent straight to landfill where they add to the global waste crises.

The JOCO community are regular crew who believed it was time to give a little back to our environment. After two years of research and design, JOCO cups were launched in 2012.

JOCO aspire to help reduce preventable waste with a fine looking and forward-thinking cup that makes the takeaway experience better. There’s a whole host of benefits for you and the natural environment when using JOCO reusable cups.

JOCO is devoted to making your daily brew better with smart and friendly products. JOCO applaud you for choosing to ditch paper and go for glass.

JOCO was awarded New Exhibitor Best Product 2015 by the great folk in California!

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The Mr Pitts Story

Mr Pitts is an amazing natural and organic deodorant paste that uses only safe and non toxic ingredients.

It works by neutralising underarm odour and eliminating bacteria, leaving you smelling fresh as a daisy.

100% born and bred Aussie, Mr Pitts promises to keep you safe, that’s why I he only uses natural and certified organic ingredients. He loves animals, and proudly rated vegan with no testing on furry babes.

Mr Pitts has nothing to hide. Free from Aluminiums, Parabens, Phthalates, Propylene glycol, Formaldehyde, Antibacterial substances – the list goes on – all found in your conventional deodorants and antiperspirants possibly linked to diseases like breast cancer, Alzheimer’s and hormone imbalances.

Remember, perspiration is one of the ways that toxins leave your body, so it’s not such a bad thing. Smells, however, can be embarrassing and unpleasant and this is where Mr Pitts come in.

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The Natural  Evolution Story

As a second generation farmer Robert Watkins has a strong farming philosophy and believes that ultimate nutrition begins with healthy soil and plants.

For many years Rob and his family were among the largest banana growers in Australia, specializing in a variety known as Lady Fingers. This variety requires 25-30% more labour to grow than ordinary Cavendish bananas and also has a reduction of 50% less plants per acre due to their height.

Week after week Rob would find himself disposing tonnes of beautiful Lady Fingers that he had poured so much energy and resources into growing all because they were too big, too straight or too bendy for the supermarket giants. The fruit was perfectly good for eating and packed full of nutrients. Like every week the local Agile wallabies would flock to the area eating as many green Lady Fingers their tummies could handle.

Cattle would break fences to get to *wasted green bananas. *wasted – unsuitable for specific supermarket guidelines approx 500 tonne in Australia every week.

Rather than disposing of tonnes of beautiful Lady Fingers that had been so carefully grown with so much energy and resources. The fruit was perfectly good for eating and packed full of nutrients yet “unwanted” by the supermarket giants because they were too straight, too bendy, too big or too small.

Finally though, Rob had found an outlet, an opportunity in the market, through the production of Banana Ointment and Green Banana Starch!

Natural Evolution’s Banana Ointment is quite possibly the largest natural medicine breakthrough we will see in the world. The ointment is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. The ointment was made out of need. Rob and Krista own 3 blue heelers that constantly suffered “hot spots” a bacterial infection related to staph that is present in soils and surges in the tropical months with rain and sultry days. Fed up with antibiotics and cortisone creams two or three times per day with three dogs taking a number of weeks to heal Rob and Krista decided to turn to natural remedies in an attempt to heal their beloved dogs faster, more cost effectively and more nurturing. It was in the thermomix that their first batch of ointment was made – the result was astounding. After first trialing it on themselves Rob and Krista waited for the dreaded infection to return on their dogs. In one application the “hot spot” infection stopped spreading, cleared and ceased to weep, new healthy skin could be seen reforming with new hair beginning to grow. The infection healed more than 10 times faster. From here the ointment was used on the farm for first aide burns, cuts, skin rashes etc. Word of mouth spread and people as far as North America began seeking the ointment to try on complicated skin issues. The banana ointment was born and has been used on arthritic pains, spurs, wart/sunspot removal, intensive healing, nappy rash, burns, blisters, minor cuts and abrasions, fungal and bacterial skin infections.

For his enthusiasm and vision Robert has received numerous accolades for his inventions and food processing techniques. None more so than his ability to design a thriving business that began by transforming waste bananas into a highly nutritious food source and now revolutionizing the banana industry where bananas are being grown for the sole purpose of flour production.

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The Natural  Wonders
& Good Riddance Story

Strong scientific evidence exists linking chemicals in personal care products to disease and environmental damage. Natural Wonders are passionate about creating natural products that will not compromise your health or our environment’s health. They utilise the latest green ingredients available on the market. Their products have an exceptional feel, are gentle enough for sensitive skin and provide natural solutions for skin conditions. Their best selling product is our amazingly effective and long lasting Good Riddance Mozzie & Midgie Mousse.
The Natural Wonders range is uniquely formulated by Jeannie Lynch, a qualified cosmetic chemist who specialises in natural ingredients. Her passion for beauty started during her twenties, while working as a consultant for natural skincare companies. While travelling around Australia with her family, she decided to leave her corporate career behind to follow her passion for natural beauty. Jeannie started making and selling natural products at various Darwin markets in 2010. This soon developed into an obsession and in 2013, she completed her Diploma in Personal Care Formulation. Jeannie is now a member of the Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists.

Natural Wonders is a passionate family business, with Jeannie, her husband, Sean and her sister, Vicky all involved in the day to day running of the business. In 2015 Natural Wonders moved to Melbourne to grow the business.


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The ONYA Story

The team at ONYA, go to work everyday because they want to make a difference.

The feel as though every minute of every day they are bombarded with another ingenious way humans are damaging our environment.

At times the ONYA team they feel life can be a bit doom and gloom and it can be hard to see just what to do about it, but we know there are many people out there like you and like us who want to create a good news story for our environment.

The seed of just what we could do to help the planet began back in 2004. It was a fragrant summer evening that our founding father Jon Brousson, lying in his hammock amongst the trees, with the stars blazing above,was asking himself how he could create meaningful change in his community by reducing the prevalence of single use plastic.

Every day Jon found himself confronted by out of control plastic waste with disposable shopping bags being a major contributor. With a little ingenuity and few sewing skills, Jon created ONYA’s first reusable shopping bag.

He proudly used his shopping bag at every opportunity – at the supermarket, farmers market or just shopping for anything that would require a bag, and pretty soon people were asking him to create one for them too.

ONYA has since grown into a company that prides itself on creating high quality, useful, reusable products for your everyday life that can easily be kept ‘On You’.

From reusable shopping bags, produce bags, backpacks & coffee cups, to one of the highest quality stainless steel drink bottle ranges on the Australian market.

Our products are responsibly made in China. Wherever possible our products are not only 100% recyclable, but they are also made out of recycled material such as rPET, a fabric produced from recycled plastic water bottles.

We are quite literally taking plastic waste from landfill and turning it into something reusable for many years to come.

Our goal at ONYA is to offer our customers a well thought out quality alternative to single use plastic and it is by companies like us, partnering with people like you that can actually make the change we want to see happen in our world.

Why wait for tomorrow when we can take action today?

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The Suvana Story

Suvana Beauty strive to create Certified Organic products that nurture your skin. 100% natural and organic ingredients and 100% Australian made and owned. Suvana are also cruelty free, as we believe our products should have the ability to be used on our fur babies, not tested on them.

Suvana understand that what we put on our skin absorbs into our body, and effects our health. When you care for your skin with natural goodness, your body will thank you, and your inner radiance will shine through.

So why buy Suvana over all the other paw paw ointments? That’s easy, we are naturally good for you. Choose THE YELLOW TUBE, choose Suvana.

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The TOM Organic Story

TOM Organic is an Australian, female-owned business, started in 2009 by Founder Aimee Marks. The range of certified organic tampons and pads have been developed by women, for women and are available Australia-wide.

When TOM Organic learned about the impact conventional tampons and pads have on our environment and how they are not always made with pure cotton, they felt a responsibility to make an alternative – women use over 15,000 tampons in a lifetime and they come into contact with one of the most absorbent parts of our body! That’s why TOM Organice products are designed with some important questions in mind: how do the materials used to make them affect us? And what impact do they have on the environment, both whilst they’re being made and after they’ve been used? TOM Organic believe in building a community of conscious consumers, empowering women to lead healthy, fulfilled lives.

TOM Organic also believe that business can be a force for good, which is why they’re one of the founding B Corporations in Australia.

So why do they call themselves “TOM”? When first launched, they were purely a feminine hygiene brand and TOM stood for “Time Of Month”. But they are so much more than that now! TOM Organice launched a maternity range in 2014 and more products are in the pipeline (they also just launched a baby range, Tooshies by TOM which they are very excited about!).

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The Tri Nature  Story

Since 1989, Tri Nature has been committed to providing generations of Australian families with a responsible household alternative. Responsible for our family’s lifestyle, our environment, and our future.

Market Leaders in Natural Technologies
The Tri Nature Research & Development Team can sometimes be a little anti-social; dedicated to scouring the planet for scientific research on the latest and greatest in Natural Extracts. Making sure their products always remain at the forefront in terms of performance and integrity. Within Tri Nature’s products, you will find an outstanding mix of natural extracts to provide your family with the combination of superior performance and gentle results that others just can’t replicate. Over 20 years of research and manufacturing expertise has cemented Tri Nature’s position as the market leader in natural technologies.

100% Australian Owned and Made.
Tri Nature are immensely proud to be a 100% Australian company leading the world by example. Sadly, this is a fact that seems to be rapidly disappearing from the market today. On-site manufacturing facilities enable Tri Nature to stand behind the products with confidence. They strictly control and monitor the quality and content, guaranteeing the integrity of the product that you receive every time.

No Compromise.
Tri Nature believes that you shouldn’t have to compromise on product performance when looking for a natural alternative. Their vast experience in this industry ensures that when you use a Tri Nature product, you are using the very best in all aspects of performance and responsibility.

Premium Quality Ingredients.
Tri Nature are a stubborn bunch when it comes to their Company Philosophy and Integrity. This means that they put nothing less than premium quality ingredients into their products, regardless of cost. They firmly believe that we could never put a cost on the health and safety of our families and our environment.

No Animal Testing.
Tri Nature respects the rights of all animals, great and small. They are active supporters of the “Choose Cruelty-Free” Organisation, and are accredited on their Preferred Products List. http://www.choosecrueltyfree.org.au/

Award Winning.
2016 – Product Excellence Award – Chamomile Dishwashing Liquid.

2015 – Best Eco Product – Alpha Plus Pre Wash Soaker

2014 – Best Eco Product – Alpha Plus Laundry Powder

2013 – Best Eco Product – Citrus Dishwashing Powder

2011 – Best Eco Product – Alpha Plus Laundry Powder

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Who Gives A Crap®

First of all, Who Gives A Crap is funny. Lots of room for toilet jokes, which everyone at Who Gives A Crap loves.

But really, Who Gives A Crap love toilet paper because for them, it’s thier way of making a difference. Who Gives A Crap started when Simon, Jehan and Danny learned that 2.3 billion people across the world didn’t have access to a toilet. That’s roughly 40% of the global population and means that diarrhoea related diseases fill over half of sub-Saharan African hospital beds and kill 900 children under 5 every day.

The boys thought that was pretty crap. So in July 2012, Who Gives A Crap was launched using a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. Simon sat on a toilet in the draughty warehouse and refused to move until they had raised enough pre-orders to start production. 50 hours and one cold bottom later, they’d raised over $50,000.

Who Gives A Crap delivered their first product in March 2013 and have been thrilled to keep growing ever since. Not just because Who Gives A Crap toilet paper is gracing bathrooms across the country but also because they donate 50% of profits to help build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world.

Though Who Gives A Crap are still growing, and now make more than just toilet paper, they always want to stay true to their roots: toilet humor and making the world a better place.

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