Compost-A-Pak Kitchen Caddy Liners (8L) Roll
Compost-A-Pak Kitchen Caddy Liners in Caddy
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Compost-A-Pak Kitchen Caddy Liners (8L)


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Compost-A-Pak Compostable 27L Bin Liners make a sustainable alternative to plastic bin liners, made from extracts from third grade corn, not suitable for human or animal consumption, and would otherwise go to waste.

The ideal addition to the Kitchen Compost Caddy, Compost-A-Pak Caddy Liners will make emptying your Caddy a breeze!

  • Printing on the bags is from soy based, non-toxic inks.
  • Roll contains 52 bags.
  • The 8L liners measure 390mm (W) x 425mm (H).

Compost-A-Pak Caddy Liners will break down under microbial activity and will eventually be part of the soil from which they came.  To meet the Australian Compost standard at least 99% of the liner will be composted within 90 days.  This speed depends on microbial activity - this changes depending upon the compost's temperature. 

Composting in your own backyard is another simple and effective way to utilise the contents of your Kitchen Caddy. To learn more about composting in your backyard, there many websites out there but here are a couple we recommend:


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Sustainability success!

I love that these composting bin liners are made from food scraps we will not eat!
I have been purchasing these from Ecostainable for about a year now!
Great product, great service & prompt delivery.