Dental Lace - Granite Grey

Dental Lace - Granite Grey

Dental Lace

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Dental Lace is made from 100% Mulberry silk, coated with candelilla wax and has a natural mint flavour. It is also contained in a refillable and fully recyclable glass vial with a stainless steel lid and a Granite Grey label. 

Ecostainable is Australia's BIGGEST SELLER and FIRST ONLINE STOCKIST of Dental Lace.

Dental Lace is 100% silk fibre - there are no additional plastic strands as found in other silk floss.

Dental Lace is working on ensuring compostability! Some local councils may accept Dental Lace in your green waste - check with them before disposal.

This product includes one Dental Lace container with a 30 metre spool of biodegradable mulberry silk floss inside the container and one additional refill spool.  So, 60 metres of floss in total.

PLEASE NOTE ~ The 'plastic' looking bag which contains your floss is not plastic at all - it is actually made from compostable corn starch. Rest easy. 

For full disclosure - the label on the glass vial is made of plastic, and is not recyclable or compostable, however as it is designed to last the lifetime of the vial, we believe that the waste free dental lace far outweighs the small plastic label.  It is up to you, as the consumer to decide if this product meets your needs.

Also available in Berry Blue, Sea Rose Pink and refills.

Use about 45 cm of floss wound around one of your middle fingers, with the rest wound around a middle finger on the opposite hand.  Hold the floss tightly between the thumbs and fore fingers and gently insert it between the teeth.  Curve the floss into a "C" shape against the side of the tooth. Rub the floss gently up and down, keeping it pressed against the tooth.  Don't jerk or snap the floss.  Floss all your teeth - don't forget behind the back teeth!

Glass, stainless steel, mulberry silk floss, candelilla wax and natural mint flavour.

Sustainably made in China using traditional silk farming methods.

Ecostainable - Changing the world, one home at a time.

Customer Reviews

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Great product

I have found that I can wash and reuse a piece of dental lace which makes it go even further- love the little glass dispenser and as someone who does floss every day I was surprised by how long the little roll of dental lace lasted even before I worked out it was strong enough to use a piece of dental lace more than once.

Love this product

I used to struggle to floss my teeth every day as it broke my heart every single time to put that horrible bit of nylon in the bin and I'd have images of wildlife getting tangled in it or choking on it. This amazing compostable alternative relieves me of that guilt and it comes in a handy little glass dispenser with an extra refill as well. Absolutely love it! Plus it comes in plastic-free packaging - I really don't mind paying for shipping if it means my order arrives plastic-free. Thanks Karen!


Very happy to find a reasonably priced environmentally friendly floss that I have found does the job effectively and does not fray.

Fantastic Floss

This is great! Works so well, the glass bottle is lovely and it's good to know that I can keep my teeth clean without adding plastic to the planet!


I was delighted to find a totally recyclable dental floss, container and all. However, sadly, I find it is not easy to use. The wax is in lumps so doesn't go easily between one's teeth and the thread breaks when one pulls it through.
So disappointing.