Redraku Togocup 12oz - Hot Sunrise

Redraku Togocup 12oz - Hot Sunrise


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The Redraku Togocup 12oz Hot Sunrise, is a uniquely made, earthenwear ceramic cup, perfect to replace single use take away cups. 

Handmade in Brisbane, using traditional wheel thrown pottery and handpainted using lead free and food safe, Australian made glazes.  Togocups also have a bio plastic lid and sleeve, making them safe for coffee/tea on the go.

Togocups are so 'earth' like and lovable that Gardening Australia's Costa Georgiadis has one!

Redraku Togocups are individually handpainted and no two colours are alike.  We have done our best to describe the colours and provided an image of each cup, however there will be slight variations in its appearance to the naked eye.

Your Togocup is also dishwasher and microwave safe.  However, if there are metallics in your glaze, please avoid the microwave!

PLEASE NOTE - that the ounce size is just a guide.  These cups are hand made and the capacity will slightly vary between designs.  The ounce capacity refers to the cup filled TO THE BRIM with liquid. 

Bio plastic is a renewable material made from plants and not oils. Bio plastic withstands temperatures up to 120 degrees and is dishwasher and microwave safe.  BPA free and FDA approved.  They are also compostable in a commercial facility once their lifespan is over!

Redraku togocups are also available in 8oz (regular/small capacity).

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