Nanna's Knitted

Nanna's Knitted range currently consists of Cotton Dish Cloths which are proudly knitted by Karen's mum! The absorbent cotton yarn will soak up, wipe away messes and wring out really well.  These cloths will brighten any sink - as they do mine.

  • Not limited to the kitchen, these cloths will also make for streak free glass, polishing furniture or even brilliant for body cleansing.
  • At the end of their life they are fully biodegradable and can be put in the compost or dug into the garden.
  • The cloths are approximately 21cm x 19cm.
  • The shades of colour will different slightly on each cloth.
  • Wash with your regular washing and use Tri Nature's Alpha Plus Laundry Powder or Liquid to keep them clean, sanitised and soft. 
  • We recommend you wash each cloth before use to open the cotton fibres to increase absorbancy.

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