The Australian Natural Soap Co. - Lemon Myrtle Leaf Soap
The Australian Natural Soap Co. - Lemon Myrtle Leaf Soap
The Australian Natural Soap Co. - Lemon Myrtle Leaf Soap
The ANSC Australian Bush Soap Collection

The Australian Natural Soap Co. - Lemon Myrtle Leaf Soap

The Australian Natural Soap Co.

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Inspired by indigenous bush medicine, The ANSC Australian Bush Blend soap range uses Australian botanical oil blends and decorated by artwork from Ikuntji artist, Daphne Marks. The Lemon Myrtle Leaf Soap provides
 relief to dry, itchy and irritated skin while also being deeply moisturising. Proudly handmade in Melbourne.

  • With the beautiful aroma of Lemon Ironbark, known for its calming and antiseptic qualities, this soap can help aid tired muscles and joints. And, with essential oils from the native Kunzea bush, it is a great and natural alternative for helping dry, itchy skin.
  • Lemon Myrtle Leaf naturally tighten pores and improve the overall
 appearance of the skin.
  • Lemon Ironbark Leaf Oil, derived from
 plants found on the hills of Northern Queensland, is a natural antiseptic with anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Commonly known as the Tick Bush, Kunzea Leaf Oil carries clean and fresh undertones which are often likened to the natural scent 
of the Australian Bush. An indigenous remedy for irritated skin and muscular aches and pains, and is an incredible moisturiser.

  • Combined with the base of Australian Olive Oil, the Lemon Myrtle Leaf soap nourishes all skin types.
  • The Australian Bush Range showcases the powerful healing properties that Australian essential oils have to offer.
  • Cruelty Free + Vegan friendly.
  • Waste free compostable packaging.
  • No Palm Oil, parabens, or sulphates.
  • Septic Safe.
  • Proudly supporting Australian Farmers and Manufacturing.
  • Hand cut 100g bar.

Saponified Olive Oil, Lemon Myrtle Leaf, Lemon Ironbark Oil and Kunzea Oil

    The inspiration behind the Australian Bush Range  -

    For thousands of years, Australia’s First Nations Peoples have used native plants for their unique medicinal and healing properties. Australian Natural Soap Co are excited by be showcasing these powerful properties from knowledge shared by the indigenous community.

    The Australian Natural Soap Company collaborated with Daphne Marks, an Indigenous artist to create the packaging artwork. 
Daphne is one of the youngest, and most prolific painters working at Ikuntji Art
 Centre in the Northern Territory. Her artwork depicts the Yalka (or bush onion).

    The Yalka grows after the rain and collected by the women. They can be eaten raw
 or cooked in the hot sand next to the campfire. “We cook them just a little bit, like Maku (witchetty grub).” – Daphne Marks.

    A percentage of the Australian Bush range sales goes directly to Daphne.

      All of The Australian Natural Soap Co. range is strictly Palm Oil free and regularly supports The Orangatan Project.

      Ecostainable - changing the world, one home at a time.

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