WRAPPA Vegan Wraps - Jumbo - Watermelon

WRAPPA Vegan Wraps - Jumbo - Watermelon


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WRAPPA Vegan Wraps are hand made in beautiful Adelaide using 100% cotton fabric and plant based wax.  The 'Watermelon' Jumbo wrap is a fun, unique and eco-friendly alternative to plastic cling film.

Tree resin and jojoba oil are added to ensure the wraps will fold, wrap and not crack. The warmth of you hand helps warm the wax and resin and will enable you to fold and stick the wraps over bowls, jars, cut fruit and vegetables and to also create pouches to use bags!

The Jumbo wrap measures 35 x 50cm - large enough to cover half a watermelon, loaf of bread, platters or folding into a bag. 

You can even cut the wrap to create your own custom size/sizes!

Please keep away from heat and sunlight as this will melt your wrap.  Wipe down or gently wash in mild detergent (we recommend Tri Nature's Chamomile) in tepid water.  For this reason, please do not use to wrap meat - hot water is required to kill staphylococcus bacteria.

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