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Why Ecostainable?

Toxic chemicals can be found everywhere inside our homes, from cleaning and laundry products, body washes and lotions and even additives in our food.
Reducing and removing these toxic chemicals is essential to healthier body, life and home, not to mention reducing your impact on the environment.
Our range is eco-friendly and sustainable - Ecostainable.

About Karen.

Karen is passionate about the environment and worked in the conservation industry for 10 years before starting a family in 2013. More than ever, using toxic chemical free, eco friendly and sustainable products in her home was a priority.

Karen found and fell in love with the Tri Nature range in 2009 and since then has discovered many other eco friendly and sustainable products in her endeavour to detox her home and reduce her family's footprint on the environment. 

Knowing that she is not alone in her passion for living sustainably, Karen created Ecostainable to help others in their journey.


"As a stay at home Mum, I wanted to break free of the ‘rut’ of day to day life, so here I am, doing something for ‘me’ again.  Actually, it’s not just for me, it’s for my family, it’s for my community, it’s for the world!"

I am changing the world, one home at a time’.

x Karen.


Karen Saunders founder and eco enthusiast - Ecostainable Australia