Alocasia Dwarf Calidora  - 120mm

Alocasia Dwarf Calidora - 120mm

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House plants might be back in vogue, but they never lost their abilities to purify the air, look awesome and make you feel good!   We've introduced a range of easy maintenance house plants to help reduce toxins and purify the air in the home. Our Plants and Pots are pick up in store only.

  • Plants make fabulous gifts, especially for that someone who seems to have everything - if they love plants, they can never have too many!!
  • Alocasia dwarf calidora are also known as dwarf elephant ear, and originate from Asia.
  • Water only when the top 2cm of soil is dry.  They do like an occasional spray with water to simulate their natural tropical environment.
  • Being a tropical plant, they don't like the cold.
  • Like being inside, but not in direct sunlight.
  • Fertilise every six months, following the fertiliser's on packet instructions.
  • Comes in a 120mm pot and fits the 120mm Sand Ceramic Pot or Sahara basket.

Save 10% when you buy a plant and pot/basket together.  

REMINDER - Our plants are pick up in store only, so come for a drive to see us and check out our range whilst your picking up your goodies.

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Melissa P
Beautiful plant

I am very happy with the plant, it is thriving on my windowsill.