B-Wrap-Jumbo Hemp Beeswax Wrap
B-Wrap-Jumbo Hemp Beeswax Wrap wrapped over loaf of bread
B-Wrap-Jumbo Hemp Beeswax Wrap leaning over wrapped french stick

B-Wrap-Jumbo - Hemp Beeswax Wrap

Bag Stack

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Lovingly handmade in Melbourne, B-Wrap beeswax wraps are made using unbleached hemp and GOTS certified organic cotton with a unique blend of beeswax, tree resin and virgin jojoba oil. The B-Wrap-Jumbo is ideal for covering large and long shapes such as baguettes, french sticks and celery. 

  • The pressure and warmth of your hand warms the wax and resin to fold over and around food etc.
  • The jumbo wrap measures 35 x 60cm.
  • GOTS = Global Organic Textile Standard.
  • Not suitable for use on meat and fish (hot water is required to kill staphylococcus bacteria).

Wipe down or gently wash in mild detergent (we recommend Tri Nature's Chamomile) in tepid water. 

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