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Bamboo Facial Wipes

Bugsey Bee

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Bugsey Bee Bamboo Facial Wipes are hand made in Western Australia using 100% sustainable and renewable bamboo.  Reusable facial wipes eliminate wasteful cotton ball and pads from your skin care routine. 

Bugsey Bee Bamboo fabric is naturally organic and has antibacterial, anti-fungal and hypo allergenic, making it ideal for use on sensitive and delicate skin, including the eye area.

The Bamboo Facial Wipes are two ply, one side has fluffy bamboo fleece and the other soft bamboo terry. Each wipe measures approximately 10cm x 10cm and have been pre-washed twice to minimise shrinkage.  

Comes in a set of 10.

Ecostainable recommends washing your wipes in Tri Nature's Laundry Powder or Liquid, plus Angelica Fabric Softener for cleaning and sanitising.  These products are also free rinsing, meaning that there are no toxic residues left that are  dangerous for use near the sensitive eye area.

Other uses for Bugsey Bee Bamboo Facial Wipes:

  • In the nursery or bathroom for baby use.
  • In the first aid kit for wound cleaning and topical cream application.

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Bamboo facial wipes
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