Compost-A-Pak Compostable Bin Liners (35L) - 20pk

Compost-A-Pak Compostable Bin Liners (35L) - 20pk


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Compost-A-Pak Compostable 35L Bin Liners make a sustainable alternative to plastic bin liners, made from extracts from third grade corn, not suitable for human or animal consumption, and would otherwise go to waste.

  • Printing on the bags is from soy based, non-toxic inks.
  • The 35L size will fit 30 to 40L sized bins and have a base gusset which will flatten in the bottom of the bin.
  • The 35L liners have a maximum circumference of 1250mm with a height of 740mm.
  • They are flat top bin liners, do not have tie handles.
  • The Compost-A-Pak range is made in China - where most compostable bags for sale in Australia are made or obtain their compostable bag materials from. 

Compost-A-Pak Bin Liners will break down under microbial activity and will eventually be part of the soil from which they came.  To meet the Australian Compost standard at least 99% of the liner will be composted within 90 days.  This speed depends on microbial activity - this changes depending upon the compost's temperature.  Please keep in mind that Landfill does not generally have microbial activity, however a compostable bin liner is the most sustainable choice if you require bin liners.

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Claudine Erard
Excellent online shop for eco sustainable products

Products sold by ecostainable are best quality at very affordable prices. Customer service is awesome as well as a very fast delivery. I highly recommend this online shop.
Thank you

Stephen Hatwell
Future perfect 👍

This is the product we should all be using..,,
Strong. And of a generous size.
Buy now ...

Nici Rose

Great service.

Mandy Curtis

Have been using these bin liners for a couple of years now- super happy with them - would not go back to supermarket purchased bags. Now have extended family using them slso

I'm happy

I've been using these bin liners for a few weeks and although they aren't as strong as supermarket bought bin liners I'm happier knowing they aren't going to be around forever.