Compost-A-Pak Compostable Mini Singlet Bags
Compost-A-Pak Compostable Mini Singlet Bags - 100pk

Compost-A-Pak Compostable Mini Singlet Bags - 100pk


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Compost-A-Pak® Compostable Mini Singlet Bags are a sustainable alternative to plastic nappy bags, change of clothes bags for day care/kinder and to line counter top bins or mini compost buckets. The Mini Singlet Bags are made from extracts from third grade corn, not suitable for human or animal consumption and would otherwise go to waste.

  • The handles of the singlet bags make them easy to hang and to tie.
  • Each fold contains 100 bags.
  • Printing on the bags is from soy based, non-toxic inks.
  • The Mini Singlet Bags measure 20cm wide x 28cm high (or 40cm including handles).

Compost-A-Pak® Mini Singlet Bags will break down under microbial activity and will eventually be part of the soil from which they came.  To meet the Australian Compost standard at least 99% of the liner will be composted within 90 days.  This speed depends on microbial activity - this changes depending upon the compost's temperature.  Please keep in mind that Landfill does not generally have microbial activity, however a compostable bin liner is the most sustainable choice if you require bin liners.

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