Compost-A-Pak Kitchen Caddy with Liner
Compost-A-Pak Kitchen Caddy on bench
Compost-A-Pak Kitchen Caddy with liner and locked lid

Compost-A-Pak Kitchen Caddy


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Food waste ending up in landfill breaks down to emit greenhouse gases, namely carbon dioxide and methane - a gas 25% worse for the environment! Completely compostable food waste can be easily separated by using a Compost Kitchen Caddy!

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Compost Kitchen Caddy is an essential part of any sustainable kitchen.

The convenient 7L caddy features a single locking handle and a flip top lid, allowing you to easily scrape chopping boards and plates. Although pictured with images, you will receive a plain lid to suit all compost facilities.

Also available are the complementing Compost-A-Pak® liners, which make emptying your caddy a breeze!

Many councils* allow food waste disposal in Green Waste bins, so disposing of your compost is made super easy! *Contact your local Council if you're not sure if Food Waste collection is offered.

The Kitchen Caddy measures (H)350mm x (W)265mm x (D)225mm.  There is no printing on the lid.

  • Please note that shipping of the Compost Caddy is charged at cubic weight which is 5kg as they are awkward and expensive to post.

Composting in your own backyard is another simple and effective way to utilise the contents of your Kitchen Caddy. To learn more about composting in your backyard, there many websites out there but here are a couple we recommend:

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