CRUMPLE Eco Coffee Cup Open - Lola + Stone
CRUMPLE Eco Coffee Cup Collapsed - Lola + Stone
CRUMPLE Eco Coffee Cup in Box  - Lola + Stone

CRUMPLE Eco Coffee Cup - Lola + Stone


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The CRUMPLE cup is the cup you’ll have when you forget your cup, because it’ll be stashed away in your bag, backpack or glovebox just in case! After all, you’d rather be seen dead than with a disposable takeaway cup.

  • 350ml/12oz regular size.
  • The unique, ultra light, collapsible design is perfect for everyday use or for stashing away ‘just in case’.
  • COLLAPSIBLE with hard ring to prevent squeezing and help prevent getting hot hands.
  • BPA free food grade silicone.
  • Does not absorb odours.
  • Leak proof when lid cap is on.
  • Anti microbial.
  • Kid friendly.
  • Dishwasher safe.

Safety Precautions

  1. To create a leak proof cup means there is no air hole to release pressure when sipping from the cup.  Please keep this in mind when taking large sips.
  2. Please do not squeeze the cup, the soft silicone sides will give and the liquid may pop the lid open, spilling hot contents. The holding sleeve will help prevent this; ensure the sleeve is on the uncollapsed cup at all times.
  3. When closing the suction cap, please hold the solid part of the lid to ensure cup stability.
  4. Please use your CRUMPLE with care. Whilst it is made to endure daily collapsing and expanding, you must do so gently with care as it is made from soft silicone. You must not pierce it with nails or sharp objects as it will split.

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