Full Circle 'Scrub Queen' Toilet Brush Set
Full Circle 'Scrub Queen' Toilet Brush Set with extra brush head

Full Circle 'Scrub Queen' Toilet Brush Set

Full Circle

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Cleaning the toilet can be a literal sh*t, but it's made that little bit easier with Full Circle's Scrub Queen Toilet Brush Set. Housed in it's own little ceramic pot, and made using recycled materials this set is a winner for your eco loo! Also features a DryEarth™ disk to help absorb water, and prevent bacteria and mould.

  • The 'Scrub Queen' Toilet Brush is innovatively made from recycled plastic bristles, recycled aluminium rod and a sustainable bamboo handle.
  • The housing pot is made from DryEarth ceramic with a non-slip, no scratch bottom.
  • The bristles have a 'mohawk' design - to get up and under the toilet rim.
  • The brush head is replaceable, reducing landfill waste. 
  • We recommend using a plant based, anti bacterial cleaner like Tri Nature's Excel Bathroom Cleaner.
  • Measures approximately 9cm x 9cm x 46cm
  • DryEarth™ is a naturally absorbent, ceramic type, stone made from aquatic fossils found at the bottom of the sea. It absorbs excess water and helps to keep containers dry to prevent bacteria and mould.
  • Sustainably made in China

Please note that due to the length of the handle, this item is measured by cubic weight for shipping.

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Customer Reviews

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Samantha Miller
Great product

Highly recommend. Cleans great and because of the holder it comes in it’s very compact and uses less space. Love the extra bristles to clean under the toilet ring too.

Margaret Nimmo
Toilet brush with replaceable head.

Great product. Thank you. Margaret