Grants of Australia Bamboo Toothbrush with Medium Bristle in Box
Grants of Australia Bamboo Toothbrush with Medium Bristle

Grants Bamboo Toothbrush - Medium Bristle

Grants Of Australia

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The Grants of Australia Toothbrush uses 100% sustainable and fast growing Bamboo, making it a perfect alternative to a plastic handled toothbrush.  The bristles are also made from 62% sustainable Castor Bean Oil.  Medium bristles are for those who use gentle pressure when brushing.

  • Proudly Australian Owned.
  • Certified Vegan.
  • BPA Free.
  • Adult sized.
  • Packaged in recyclable cardboard and hygienically sealed in a corn starch bag which is compostable.

When your Grants Bamboo Toothbrush is looking a little shaggy, simply snap the entire head off the handle and pop into green waste or the compost - or any other idea you can come up with! Although the bristles are mainly made from Castor Bean Oil, unfortunately the remaining content is nylon (plastic), and is not suitable for kerbside recycling. There are numerous Nylon recycling specialists in Australia, here is a site we found that may help you.

If your bristles are heading to landfill, please do not pluck the bristles out of the brush, these will end up spreading around in landfill, wash into waterways and then become nasty micro-plastics!

Ecostainable - changing the world, one home at a time.

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better for the earth & your dental hygiene, what's not to love?