Hannahpad Medium Pink Rose
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Hannahpad Medium - Pink Rose


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The Hannahpad is a much prettier and eco-friendly alternative to plastic and chemical based sanitary pads. With a certified organic cotton liner, and layers of absorbancy, they are washable and can save you thousands of dollars!  The medium size is the equivalent length of an 'overnight' supermarket pad.  Pink Rose is simply pretty.

According to 1 Million Women, if 1 million women switched from regular sanitary pads to reusable pads, it would be the equivalent to diverting 1.3 BILLION plastic bags from landfill every year!

The patterned outer layer of the Hannahpad is made from cotton with a TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) layer to prevent leakage.  TPU is used in wound dressing and bandaging, and other medical devices and is an inert substance which does not release toxins.

"I just love the choice of fabrics to help you 'pretty up' a not so pretty time of the month" x Karen

The medium weighs 28g, will hold 55-80mls and measures 27 x 8cm (plus wings).


Hannahpad comes in a great size range to suit in-between, light, heavy and overnight flows.  Hannahpad is even suitable for incontinence and use with a menstrual cup for added protection.


  1. Rinse in cold water as soon as possible to remove any discharge.
  2. Using a natural laundry powder (such as Tri Nature's Laundry Powder or Liquid), lather your pad and let it soak for a minimum of 6 hours. Up to 48 hours is fine - just change the water daily.
  3. After soaking, hand or gentle machine wash (we recommend in a lingerie bag)
  4. Dry inside or outside - in the sun is preferable, as the sun is a natural sanitiser.
  5. If your pad develops a few stains, Ecostainable recommends soaking in Tri Nature's Pre Soak Powder.


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