Jack N' Jill Toothkeeper - Hippo
Jack N' Jill Toothkeeper Hippo Front
Jack N' Jill Toothkeeper Hippo Back

Jack N' Jill Toothkeeper - Hippo

Jack N' Jill

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The Jack N' Jill Hippo Toothkeeper is an adorable way to ensure the Tooth Fairy finds your child's 'lost tooth'. A little pouch on the back of the tooth keeper will store the tooth until it can be replaced with a gold coin (or what ever the Tooth Fairy pays in your house!). There'll be a happy hippopotamus in the morning.

The Jack N' Jill Tooth Keepers match perfectly to the charming characters on the Jack N' Jill Toothbrushes and Rinse/Storage Cups!

  • 100% organic cotton fabric and stuffing.
  • Great gift idea.
  • Recyclable packaging.


1. Place 'lost' tooth in pouch on back of Tooth Keeper.
2. At bedtime, carefully put Tooth Keeper under your pillow or hang using the attached cord. Optional: Leave a note for the Tooth Fairy.
3. In the morning, check to see if the Tooth Fairy has been!


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