KIND-LY 100% Natural Deodorant - Cypress & Sandalwood
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KIND-LY 100% Natural Deodorant - Cypress & Sandalwood


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KIND-LY 100% Natural Deodorant is made using organic and natural ingredients and proudly made in Australia.  Free from Aluminium, Parabens, Alcohol and other nasties, KIND-LY Deodorant is enriched with probiotics and magnesium and will maintain all day freshness.  Vegan friendly and cruelty free KIND-LY 100% Natural Deodorant is a bathroom essential for all homes.

  • Helps neutralise odours naturally
  • Cypress and Sandalwood Essential Oil based fragrance (earthy and woody - a great choice for Men)
  • Will not stain clothes
  • 60ml roll-on bottle

KIN-DLY 100% Natural Deodorant is available in five fragrances + The Armpit Detox - essential for drawing out toxins from your pores and recommended for use before transitioning to natural deodorants.


  • Magnesium absorption through the skin is vital in maintaining magnesium levels - ingestion through our foods is not always enough! Low magnesium can contribute to poor bone health, chronic pain, joint pain, fatigue and headaches.
  • Using a natural, organic and plant based deodorant is very important as toxic ingredients are easily absorbed into your body through the pores in your armpits which are very close to you lymph nodes - a main part of our body's immune system.

INGREDIENTS: *Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Sodium Bicarbonate, Witch Hazel Extract, Aqua, Hansenula, Kloeckera, Lactobacillus, Lactococcus, Leuconostoc, Pediococcus, Saccharomyces, Fig, Lemon Ferment, Isododecane, Sorbitan Oleate, Cellulose Gum, Chitosan, Citric Acid, Magnesium Hydroxide, *Glyceryl Caprylate, Glyceryl Undecylenate, *Glycerine Vegetable, Arrowroot Powder, Diatomaceous Earth , Xanthan Gum, Sodium Caproyl, Lauroyl Lactylate, Triethylcitrate, Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Oil, p- Anisic Acid, Citric Acid, Cypress Essential Oil, Sandalwood Essential Oil, Cedarwood Essential Oil.  (*Certified Organic Ingredient)

DIRECTIONS: Shake before use. Apply to clean, dry skin and allow to dry before dressing. Avoid broken skin. If irritation occurs discontinue use. Store below 30ºC. Keep out of direct sunlight.

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