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ONYA Bread Bag Aqua with Charcoal Lining

ONYA Bread Bag - Aqua


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Made from ten recycled plastic drink bottles, the ONYA Bread Bag has been brilliantly created to replace plastic bread bags, bread tags, twist ties and single use paper bags.  The roll and clip function also acts as a handle to carry your fresh bread.  The aqua bag has a charcoal lining.

The double lining also means bread can be frozen, will keep for up to three months - without freezer burn! (in a frost free freezer).  The inner lining also pulls out for easy cleaning.

The ONYA Bread Bag measures 41cm long, 25cm wide with a 10cm gusset and will easily store 'high top' loaves!

Perfect for bakery, market and home made bread, the ONYA Bread Bag is a must have for the Ecostainable home.

Here are some additional ONYA tips for making the most of you Bread Bag:

  • Most fresh bread purchased at a bakery or made at home is preservative free meaning that your loaf will likely only last 2-3 days stored on your bench top before going stale.  To preserve your bread for longer it is best to freeze your bread when it is cool but fresh.
  • Ideally, fresh bread should never be stored in the fridge as this more moist environment can encourage bacteria to form along the surface of the bread forming mold.

ONYA is committed to sustainability and their packaging is made from recycled cardboard, is printed with water based inks, therefore being both recyclable and compostable.

Available in two colours - Aqua (charcoal lining) or Charcoal (aqua lining).

Don't forget to carry your ONYA bags on ya!

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