ONYA Recycled Produce Bags (8pk) Purple Pouch

ONYA Recycled Produce Bags (8pk) - Purple


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So you have remembered your reusable bags, but still need to use plastic for your fruit ‘n’ veg…..Not any more! ONYA have come up with the Recycled Produce Bags - a must have for plastic free shopping!

  • The brightly coloured purple pouch contains strong reusable bags made from recycled plastic drink bottles (rPET) which can each carry up to 2 kilos of produce.
  • Bags measure 25 x 30cm.
  • Slightly larger than disposable plastic produce bags, the bags feature a gussett and draw string tie.
  • Weighing just 10 grams per bag, they are lightweight but strong.
  • See through mesh bags allow shop assistants to know exactly what’s inside at a glance.
  • Use the bags as a ‘colander’ to wash newly purchased fruit ‘n’ veg, drain and dry.
  • Use your produce bags to store your fruit ‘n’ veg in the fridge – plastic bags cause ‘sweating’ making the life cycle of your produce much shorter.
  • Fruit can be hung in your produce bags in the pantry to increase produce longevity.

Other handy uses for your reusable produce bags:

  • Can be used when purchasing bulk produce such as: nuts, grains, rice and lentils etc
  • Laundry bag.
  • Nut Milk bag.

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Customer Reviews

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Super handy, very lightweight too

Melissa P
Happy I purchased these bags.

I love using these reusable eco bags instead of plastic bags. They are a practical size. I get thru the fruit & vegie shop quicker too as these are easy to open ;)

Anne Jones

I love my new reusable Eco bags. They are light to carry and I use them every fruit and veggie shop. The best thing is im not using plastic bags and impacting less on the environment!

Love these!

I wanted to cut down on my plastic bag usage so bought these. They are so lightweight and strong, I just love them!


I bought these for my mum as an early mothers day present and she was so excited to use them! I love having an alternative to plastic bags. We might even need to purchase some more!!