Project Ten Weekender (Oversize) Tote - Botanical

Project Ten Weekender (Oversize) Tote - Botanical

Project Ten

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The Project Ten Weekender Tote is made from waterproof, tarp like, woven polyethylene with strong woven cotton handles plus a shoulder strap enabling you to keep your hands free.  The small zipped internal pocket is great for stashing the car keys, mobile phone or loose change.

Project Ten Weekender Totes are super big to cart around all things 'oversized'!

In Summer, think beach towels, flippers, goggles, sunscreen, drinks and all the rest of the 'stuff' you need for a beach or pool outing.

In Winter, think warm coats, beanies, rugs and changes of clothes for a day's outing.

The Weekender (Oversize) Tote measures 37cm high and 85cms wide, the zipped internal pocket measures 25cm x 20cm, and the entire bag folds to A4 size for storage.

The Project Ten Weekender (Oversize) Tote is an an Ecostainable favourite - Karen has hers loaded up with the kids bathers, towels and swimming gear.

Ecostainable is stoked to be able to present the range of ultra practical Project Ten bags to you!

Available in various on trend and stylish designs - we've found eco in Project Ten Shoppers.

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