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Designed specifically to banish single use take-away food packaging, the retub container is an awesome sustainable and stylish alternative.  The Bees Knees design shows you're passionate about the bees plus stylishly saving the planet from crappy takeaway containers.

  • The retub consists of a borosilicate glass inner, BPA free silicone lid (with steam vent), a super sturdy plastic base to help insulate food and prevent hot fingers.
  • The borosilicate glass inner has internal measurement lines, to ensure your favourite takeaway shop knows how much they're serving - and you know you're getting the correct amount.
  • The super stylish vent also detatches for ease of cleaning and can be used an emergency food scoop.  'Coz who would want to be caught using a plastic utensil?!
  • To take retub further, there is an awesome 'reswap' container exchange program which is growing by the day.  This means that your favourite take away could keep retub inners on hand, cleaned to their health and safety standard and you can pick up your filled clean inner and swap with an empty one!
  • Up the eco anti and use an IOCO 'Old School' Paper Lunch Bag to transport your retub - hot or cold.
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • 640ml capacity
  • 500ml is the most common take away portion size, so your retub will handle this with ease!
  • Available in other super stylish lid designs - Clean Seas, Corporate Hippy and Green Thumb.

Ecostainable - changing the world, one home at a time.

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Anna Carrucan
the bees knees take-away tub

What a handy little tub for leftovers and takeaway food ... love the glass inner that can be placed in the microwave for warming food, which is a bonus over the metal tiffin and bento box containers ... the scoop spoon is also a good idea ... ReTub could improve upon the finish of the margin of the flexible lid (a little 'rough around the edges'), but really happy with this product, and it's being used quite a bit this winter for soup and casseroles on the road.