Reusable Cloth Sanitary Pad - Grey Dots - Light
Reusable Cloth Sanitary Pad - Grey Dots - Light - wings and back snap closure
Reusable Cloth Sanitary Pad - Grey Dots - Light - Front
Reusable Cloth Sanitary Pad Showing Layers in Light Pad
Reusable Cloth Sanitary Pad Light Label

Reusable Cloth Sanitary Pad - Light - Grey Dots

Naturally By Meg

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There's nothing 'raggy' about our Reusable Cloth Sanitary Pads, from Naturally by Meg. Handmade in Victoria, with a soft, absorbent layers and a leak proof backing these pads an Ecostainable favourite. The light pad is perfect for spotting, light flow, a back up for a menstrual cup or light bladder leakage.

  • Suitable for periods, spotting, maternity and light bladder leakage.
  • Soft and absorbent with a leak proof backing layer.
  • Will last for years, eliminating hundreds of kilograms of waste from landfill.
  • Wear with your favourite granny knickers, as they seem to support and hold the pads best.
  • Simply place the pad over the bottom of your knickers and click the snap closures shut.
  • Adjust to suit your movement - i.e. sometimes they need to be a bit forward if you're walking around, middle position if you're sitting and further to the back if you are wearing one overnight.
  • The light pad has two layers of soft cotton jersey knit and a leak proof Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) Backing.
  • The light pad measures 8.5cm wide and 24.5 cm long.
  • IMPORTANT: Please remember to wash pads once or twice before use, as this increases their absorbency.
  • Machine washable - cold wash.
  • Do not tumble dry.

In my mid 30s I developed a sensitivity to disposable pads and has taken me a many years to find a reliable reusable pad that doesn't ride.  Naturally by Meg pads are my little secret to managing my visit from Aunt Flo.

I really love the fact that you actually 'bleed' on the patterned side of the pad.  What's the point of fancy pads if you don't get to see them when you pull your knickers down.  The pattern also helps to hide any staining!

If you're out and about we recommend a purse pouch to keep your clean pad in, and then when you need to swap, the used one can be stored until you get home.  you can also fold the used side of the pad in, pull the wings over and clip them shut to keep any mess inside the pad. 

I simply rinse in cold water to remove blood or discharge and soak in a bucket, with a mild laundry detergent, and wash them all together every couple of days or at the end of the week, ensure you use cold water to not set any stains.

Over time, the pads will become a little stained and we recommend Tri Nature's Pre-Wash Soaker or Pre-Wash Spray.


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