Sinchies Truck Print Pouch 150ml
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Sinchies Truck Print Pouches - 150ml


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Sinchies Truck Print reusable food pouches are decorated with mountain moving machinery, suitable for any tractor, truck or dozer lover - young or old! The pouches are ready to fill with your favourite, healthy homemade goodness and are a great addition to all lunch boxes and better for the environment!


Sinchies food pouches contain NO BPA, PHTHALATES or PVC.  They are dishwasher friendly and freezer safe.

The pack of 10 pouches are packaged in recyclable/compostable cardboard.

Sinchies food pouches are extremely versatile!  Ideal for baby foods, smoothies, pureed fruit, yoghurt, jelly, custard, sauces or salad dressings.  Not just for the kitchen either - think travel toiletries, camping, in the car or on the plane!

Sinchies food pouches are ECO FRIENDLY- not only by reducing supermarket squeezie pouch waste, but Sinchies themselves use minimal and reusable packaging, and biodegradable or recyclable materials are used as much as possible!

Sinchies food pouches cut food costs, encourage healthy eating, reduce waste, and provide a fun and clean way to feed your children, whether you’re at home, at school or out and about.

Make your life easier and more sustainable with Sinchies! x


Filling: Filling Sinchies reusable food pouches is super easy – Choose your own healthy ingredients, whizz, pour and zip!  Put the lid on, turn upside down, fill at the base of the pouch using a Sinchies Collapsible Funnel or jug!  Close the triple ziplock to seal the pouch.

Washing: Sinchies are dishwasher safe, but we recommend the top shelf. The Sinchies cleaning brush is the ultimate cleaning tool - use a twisting motion to get down to the bottom of the pouch and the teat brush for the nozzle and cap. Ensure the bottom gusset is open to it’s full capacity when cleaning. All Sinchies reusable food pouches are clear so you can see for cleaning purposes. Coloured pouches look nice but how can you tell if they are clean?

Drying: Sinchies drying racks (coming soon) are the bees knees and dry the reusable food pouches super quickly. Drying Sinchies is like drying a drink bottle, they can take a bit of time due to the smaller opening.  If you don’t have a drying rack, after washing, rinse and shake the excess water out and pop them in the freezer to lock the freshness in.

Recipes: Sinchies love to help with easy and mostly healthy recipes for our reusable food pouches! Check them out here and be inspired.

Ensure young children are supervised when using Sinchies and their lid/cap - children could accidentally swallow or choke on these. Ensure you keep the lid in a safe place after unscrewing the lid and before giving it to your little one to enjoy! We recommend purchasing the child safe choke free lids if using this product for little ones.

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