Spud Sponge - Charcoal Detox Packaged
Spud Sponge - Charcoal Detox

Spud Sponge - Charcoal Detox

Spud Sponge

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Spud Sponges are the bees knees of non-toxic, and natural facial cleansing.  Made of pure Konjac the Spud Sponge will become your new bestie in the shower.  He will deeply cleanse, exfoliate and can also remove makeup!  Cute and awesome, just how we like our Spuds.  He might not stay for long, but being biodegradable, his awesomeness will return to earth without a trace.  Spud Sponge - Charcoal Detox is infused with bamboo charcoal - perfect for drawing out toxins.

Your brand new spud will need sit in water and soak for five minutes to let him come to life - he will double in size! :-o

For Spud to work his magic, press him against your face and rub him up and down and round and round - including over your eyes.  Feel Spud remove any dirt and grime from your day and enjoy the smoothness he leaves behind.  Spud likes to be used morning and night, with or without your favourite facial cleanser.

Spud is suitable for all skin types, he is especially gentle for sensitive skin.

Spud is not high maintenance but to keep Spud at his best here are a few tips:

  • Gently squeeze excess water out (do not wring as you will tear the sponge).
  • Hang Spud to dry somewhere airy and bright.
  • Give Spud some UV - regular exposure to sunlight is great for killing any bacteria.
  • Let Spud dry out and go hard every now and again.
  • Give Spud a weekly detox  - boil Spud in 1 cups of water with a 1/4 a cup of white or apple cider vinegar for 5 mins to ensure Spud is clean from bacteria.  Let him chill before removing him from his VERY hot bath.
  • Send Spud to the afterlife if you have had any bacterial skin infections. Get a new Spud when you are all clear again.

When Spud is looking shaggy (after about two months of use) it's time to send him into the afterlife - let him decompose in the compost, or bury him in the garden.

Spud is made from the corm of the Konjac plant which is native to Asia, and has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine as well as used as food production in Japan.  It is also a staple in many Vegan diets.  Spud is very versatile in his raw form.

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