Sun Bear Natural Sunscreen 200g
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Sun Bear Natural Sunscreen 200g

Sun Bear

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Sun Bear have worked with leading Australian scientists to produce a natural, SPF50+ rated sunscreen, giving your skin the best possible protection, is good for the planet, and helps the endangered Sun Bear.  The 200g tube is a good size for families.


~ on sale/clearance as the best before date is May 2020 ~

The Sun Bear, the world’s smallest bear, is sadly on the brink of extinction. To help fight for their survival, a massive 80% of profits from Sun Bear Sunscreen goes to Dr Wong Siew Te and his team at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre.

Sun Bear sunscreen is:

  • Palm oil free.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Coral reef friendly (does not contain oxybenzone).
  • PABA free (which can cause liver damage and skin allergies).
  • Paraben free.
  • Rainforest derivative free.
  • Produced using solar power.
  • Comes in fully recyclable packaging.

To achieve an SPF 50+ rating our sunscreen is made up of several natural organic compounds designed to protect from harmful UV rays while still being nice to put on.

Homosalate 150mg/g, octocrylene 100mg/g, octyl salicylate 50mg/g, butly methoxydibenzoylmethane 50mg/g, 4-methly benzylidene camphor 40mg/g.


When they’re not sun baking, Sun Bears are busy little bears. Referred to as the ‘rainforest doctors’, they spend their days dispersing seeds and protecting trees from pests. Deforestation and illegal hunting of their paws and body parts, means they are under urgent threat.

In just the last 30 years, nearly half of the Malayan Sun Bear population in South East Asia has been wiped out. Add to this that very few people know about the plight of the Sun Bear, and you have a forgotten species on the verge of being forgotten forever.

The survival of the Sun Bear is also bigger than just this one species. Known as a ‘keystone’ species, other animals and the plants and trees in the forest itself rely on the Sun Bear for their survival.

When the Sun Bear tears open tree trunks to reach the honey inside, they create nesting sites for the native hornbills and flying squirrels.

When the Sun Bear digs for invertebrates on the rainforest floor, they aerate and mix rich and poor soil together, boosting the nutrient cycle.

The forest needs Sun Bears just as much as they need the forest.

The Sun Bear also has a very low reproduction rate – typically a mother will only ever raise one cub in her lifetime. Given their tiny proportions, the cubs are considered exceptionally cute so they are highly sought after through illegal pet trading.  Each time a cub is stolen, a whole generation is lost.

The survival of the Sun Bear is under exponential threat – habitat lost combined with commercial hunting and pet trade make for a perfect storm.

We cannot let another species burn out.

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Nice sunscreen

Nice to find a sunscreen to is good for the environment and me.