The Grampians Goods Co. Aromatherapy Candle - Clove & Jasmine
The Grampians Goods Co. Aromatherapy Candle - Clove & Jasmine Box

The Grampians Goods Co. Aromatherapy Candle - Clove & Jasmine

The Grampians Goods Co.

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The Grampians Goods Co. products are inspired by the rugged grandeur of the Grampians in Australia's Western Victoria, and features the majestic Mt. Sturgeon on it's label.  The Grampians Goods Co. Aromatherapy Candles use 100% pure essential oil blends to create a bespoke scent in your home. 

Clove and Jasmine is the candle to choose for a sensual experience.  The Clove gives inner warmth, inspiration and awakens the senses.  Jasmine is the aphrodisiac and this sweetly seductive fragrance will elevate the mood and the rest is up to you. ;P

Hand poured using eco-friendly soy wax, the Grampians Goods Co. candles are clean burning, non toxic - free from lead or other carcinogens. 

The 250g candle will provide approximately 60 hours burn time.

The Grampians Goods Co. refuse to compromise when it comes to the purity of their product and as a result, the candle may have some cloudy spots or frosting around the clear glass.  Occasionally, depending on the weather, it may even appear to sweat.  This is not a defect, but rather your guarantee that their product is 100% natural and contains not chemical additives.


  • On first use, allow the wax to melt to the edge of the glass to form an even burn. This is called a memory burn!
  • Always keep the candle wick trimmed to approx. 5mm to maximise burn time.
  • Do not burn your candle for longer than 3 hours at a time.
  • Store your candle in a cool & dry place to minimise sweating.
  • Use a candle snuffer or wick dipper to extinguish your candle to avoid the smell of smoke.


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