The Swag Bread Bag with bread sticks and cob loaves
The Swag Bread Bag with cob loaf in bag
The Swag Bread Bag front
The Swag Bread Bag back view showing gusset

The Swag Bread Swag

The Swag

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Say goodbye to plastic bread bags! The Swag Bread Swag will carry and keep your favourite bakery or homemade bread fresh.  The three insulating layers of unbleached, unseeded 100% cotton will allow your bread to breathe and prevent it drying out.

  • Machine Washable.
  • Pull-tight drawstring closure.
  • Fits cobs, baguettes, loaves and a swag of bread rolls.
  • Measures 29cm x 41cm with an 8cm gusset.
  • Toxic chemical free unbleached and unseeded 100% cotton.
  • Compostable at end of it's life - remove the care label.
  • Meets SEDEX Fair Trade and Ethical production standards.

How to use:

Ensure you wash your Bread Swag before use and line dry thoroughly - Sun is a great sanitiser! 

Simply pop your loaf, or rolls into the Bread Swag, and pull the draw string tightly whilst expressing any excess air in the swag.  Store in the fridge or pantry. 

Washing your Swag:

Turn inside out and shake out any flour or crumbs (do this outside - you don't want to create more work for yourself!) and wash in your machine in a cold wash with Tri Nature's Alpha Plus Laundry Powder or Liquid. Line dry in the sun if possible.


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