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The Swag Starter Pack Aqua Trim Rolled Up

The Swag Starter Pack - Aqua Trim

The Swag

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Named after a true Aussie icon, The Swag is a layered organic cotton bag designed to retain the moisture in your veggies and fruit, to keep them fresh and crisp, PLUS will save you money by reducing food waste.  The Swag Starter Pack contains a large, long and two small swags - a great set for beginners!
  • Non-toxic.
  • Machine washable.
  • Made from natural unseeded and unbleached organic cotton.
  • Eco friendly and sustainable.
  • Eliminates the need for single use plastic bags or bulky plastic containers.
  • Fair Trade recommended by SEDEX.

For the ultimate sustainability solution for your home, purchase your fruit and veggies in the ONYA Reusable Produce Bags, bring them home and store them in The Swag!

The Swag's Patented Three Layer Design:

  1. The outer layer will keep the moisture in your swag to prevent your fruit and veggies drying out.
  2. The middle layer hydrates your fruit and veggies - removes moisture when too wet and gives it back when needed!
  3. The inner layer of The Swag allows your fruit and veggies to breathe - ensuring they keep fresher for longer.

Ecostainable highly recommends you download The Swag's Information Booklet to help you use and care for your Swags!

The Swag Starter Pack with Green Trim contains;

  • 1 Large Swag with Green Trim.
  • 1 Long Swag with Yellow Trim.
  • 1 Small Swag with Orange Trim.
  • 1 Small Swag with Aqua Trim.

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