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Unpaper Towel - Grey Cross
Unpaper Towel - Grey Cross open
Unpaper Towel - Grey Cross on roll with koala

Unpaper Towel - Grey Cross

Bugsey Bee

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Absorbent and super practical the Bugsey Bee unpaper towels are hand made in Western Australia using 100% flannelette cotton. Unpaper towels eliminate paper waste from the kitchen and helps your war on waste.

Each unpaper towel measures 24cm x 24cm and as they naturally stick together, can be rolled on to your paper towel holder or rail.

Comes in a set of 8.

Ecostainable recommends washing your unpaper towels before use in Tri Nature’s laundry powder or liquid plus using the Angelica Fabric Softener - it actually increases absorbency in fabrics!

Other uses for unpaper towel include:

  • As a serviette/napkin in your waste free lunch kit.
  • As an on-the-go hand towel in your hand bag, backpack or glovebox.

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