Bin + Compost Caddy Liners

Ecostainable's collection of plastic free bin liners and compost caddy liners, are made from fully biodegradable and compostable corn starch. Made from extracts from third grade corn, not suitable for human or animal consumption, and would otherwise go to waste.

  • Bin liners available in two sizes - 27L or 35L.
  • 8L caddy liners suit most kitchen caddies.
  • Printing on the bags is from soy based, non-toxic inks.
  • Compost-A-Pak is a proudly Australian Company.
  • We ship Australia wide.
  • We supply councils across Australia to help communities utilise their Green Waste and FOGO collections,
  • Please contact us for all commercial and trade quantities - we are happy to quote for tender.

Ecostainable - Changing the world, one home at a time.

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