Start a business with Tri Nature!

Are you concerned about the health of people’s bodies, homes and the environment? Would you like to make a difference by reducing toxic chemicals in your home and in your community? 

Become an Eco Warrior with Tri Nature!

As a Tri Nature Independent Consultant, you will not only help yourself, you will help others detox their homes, save money and help our precious environment! (Just to clarify -  the Eco Warrior opportunity is for Tri Nature range only. Not the full range offered by Ecostainable).

  • No minimum purchases.
  • Work when YOU want.
  • Australian Owned Company.
  • Australian Made Products.
  • Save 25% on products for your home and body.


I have always had a passion for the environment and have worked in many conservation roles before starting my family. I’ve never stopped caring for our environment and being a Tri Nature Independent Consultant is one way I continue to do so. 

I have been a consultant for 15 years now, and have a huge range of experience with Tri Nature.

I discovered Tri Nature when I was looking for a SLS free Shampoo. I had just moved from the NT and found that I was having problems with a dry, irritated and flaking scalp.

I met Janita (now my friend, mentor, and Manager) and started discussing all the other products in the Tri Nature range.   I particularly LOVED how Tri Nature is Australian Made and Owned.

Not long after I held my own home demonstration and decided to get back into the direct sales game myself.

This is often the way, you find a product you want, and then love it so much you ask yourself “why don’t I sell it?”

Well, why don’t you?


As an Independent Consultant you purchase your Tri Nature products with a discount of 25%. There are no ongoing commitments, minimum purchases or anything like this that other direct sales companies have.

Independent Consultancy is very flexible - you literally can sell as little or as much as you like!

There are many Independent Consultants whom only purchase for their friends and family. There are also those who love to sell and have stalls at markets, field days and country shows. Many find home demonstrations work best for them and others have great success with fundraisers.

As an Independent Consultant you are also eligible for BONUS payments, which accrue over the month; depending on how much you purchase.  These bonuses can be paid either into a bank account or onto your Tri Nature account and redeemed on future purchases.

BONUS Payments range from 5% to 22% - this is ON TOP of the 25% base commission!

When you join as a consultant you are eligible to purchase the Tri Nature Consultant Bundle - which includes 21 of the most popular products at nearly half price!  This gives you the opportunity to try the majority of the range and to decide, if and how, you’d like to grow your business.  The RRP of this bundle is over $520, but for new consultants it's only $270 including shipping.


You don’t need to know how to sell; you just need to know how to love. If you love something you will be passionate about it and your passion will sell.

Think about your favourite restaurant, do you keep it to yourself - or do you tell everyone about it?!

Once you get to know the Tri Nature range you won't be able to help yourself - you will WANT to tell everyone how great they are!

Tri Nature products honestly sell themselves once people know how great they are.

Our communities are concerned about the toxicity of products in their home these days. The prevalence of skin sensitivities, like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and allergies, means families are keen to hear about how successful Tri Nature's Plant Based products are in preventing and remedying these.

Tri Nature products are also suitable for Auto Immune deficiencies such as radio/chemotherapy patients!

On top of all this, the products are environmentally friendly, extremely cost effective, not tested on animals and proudly Australian Made.

Ask yourself, why did you buy Tri Nature? Now consider how many others would be thinking this too?!


As your direct support, I will only ever be a phone call or message away to help you!

When you begin as a consultant you are provided a Information Manual that provides extensive information about all products, ingredient lists, application directions and key product benefits. This is a resource I still use after 10+ years!

Tri Nature consultants have a private Facebook Page and it’s a great tool for asking random questions as well as lots of information stored on the page.

Training is offered through online calls as well as meetings in locations around Australia.

Once you know which direction you wish to grow your Tri Nature business, we will work together to help you achieve your goals.


Tri Nature has a Independent Consultant only website which is the platform for placing orders, downloading information and communicating with Tri Nature directly.  You will be given log in details as soon as your application is processed.


If you would take advantage of the starter packs and get started as an Independent Tri Nature consultant you can register by clicking the button below.  



I’d love to talk to you further about Independent Consultancy, so please call me on 1800 870 100, or shoot me an email at

I’d love to have you on my team and together we can ‘change the world, one home at a time!

💚 Karen