In Store Refills

Our in store refill station has just been launched for the ultimate zero waste option for all your cleaning, kitchen and laundering needs.  The range is made up of our favourite Tri Nature products and we are also passing on the bulk pricing because you are doing the work! Simply BYO Clean Container, Jar or we can refill an existing Tri Nature bottle.

How in store refills work...

We can do it all for you or you can do it yourself by following the below instructions.

  1. Weigh the container/jar/bottle, write it on a piece of masking tape, along with the product you are purchasing.
  2. Fill your container/jar/bottle with product.
  3. Bring it to the counter to be re-weighed.
  4. You will be charged per gram for the product weight.

If you would like product information sheet/ingredient listing or a Safety Data Sheet, we'd be happy to print or email you a copy, just let us know.

Terms and Conditions for Ecostainable's In Store Refills.

We have the right to refuse containers if they are not clean or suitable for holding the refill product.

Using the refill facility, you accept that you are responsible for the product quality after leaving the store. 

We recommend that you keep your product in a cool dark environment.


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