Enhance Pre Wash Spray Concentrate 5L
Enhance Pre Wash Spray Concentrate 5L + Pump

Enhance Pre Wash Spray - Concentrate - Bulk

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Tri Nature's Enhance Pre Wash Spray Concentrate is a plant based, non toxic and environmentally responsible replacement for petrochemical based pre-wash sprays. Uses an Orange Oil solvent to 'get into' and remove stains.  Ideal for sensitive skin and is also septic safe.

  • The plant based, orange oil solvent is absorbed into stains to begin breaking them down before the wash begins. NOT A PETROCHEMICAL SOLVENT.
  • Excellent for spot stain removal, plus it is also released into the wash cycle to boost the clean from your laundry detergent.
  • Safe for use on all colourfast, washable fabrics.
  • Will not contribute to fading or shrinkage.
  • Will not affect the crease permanent press or pleated fabrics.
  • Cost effective concentrate - 1L makes at least 6 x 500ml bottles.
  • Bottles are completely recyclable.
  • Dilute in a 500ml Tri Nature Spray Bottle, also available for purchase separately.
  • Ecostainable recommends purchasing the 30ml Pump with your first 5L bottle to avoid overuse of concentrate.
  • PLEASE NOTE - Bulk 5L bottles may be drop shipped directly from Tri Nature.

PLEASE NOTE - Our BACKORDER shipments from Tri Nature are incurring lengthy delays due COVID-19 and the increased need for their awesome products.  This unfortunately means that there is approximately a 3-4 week delay with orders, which is beyond anyone’s control.  We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding at this ’not normal’ time.


Dilute 150ml concentrate into a 500mL spray bottle and fill with water. Spray directly onto stains. For best results, leave to sit for 2 minutes before washing or give the stains a rub back and forth (in the one direction) to activate the ingredients.

Suitable for use in grey water and septic systems.
Made from ETHICALLY SOURCED plant based materials.
Packaged in recyclable plastic.
DOES NOT contain harsh chemical ingredients, caustic alkalis, petroleum hydrocarbons, SLS, toxic colours or fragrances, parabens, or formaldehyde.

For a full list of ingredients, download the product information here.

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