SEVEN Major Benefits of Eco Friendly Cleaning in Your Home.

According to Zoe - Tri Nature's Graphic Designer and Digital Marketing Guru, there are SEVEN major benefits of eco friendly cleaning in your home.  How do your cleaning products stack up?

Cleaning is essential to maintaining our health and the overall presentation of our homes, but in today’s busy world where everything seems to be available at the tip of our fingers, it’s easy to find ourselves gravitating towards products that promise a fast and easy clean without ever stopping to consider exactly what it is we’re bringing into our homes. The sad fact is that most off the shelf cleaning products are loaded with harsh chemicals that can be damaging for your family and the environment.

There are so many benefits to eco friendly cleaning. Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider making the switch to eco friendly plant-based products in your household today.
1. Eco friendly cleaning products are safer around children and pets.

Do you have nightmares about your little ones getting into the chemical cupboard under the sink? For me it’s my mischievous little cat, who’s dangerously obsessed with the smell of just about any chemical she can get her paws in to, including our household bleach. When we moved house last, the bleach was left out on a bench after cleaning, and we came home to discover that she had been licking the outside of the bottle, to the point where the entire container (I kid you not) was wet to the touch. Luckily for us the lid had been put on securely and there were no spills down the sides either, but the smell of it alone was enough to drive her crazy. These days I don’t even keep it in my home anymore out of fear that she’ll strike again, as this is a cat who can actually open cupboard doors.

Most eco friendly cleaning products are plant-based, meaning that they contain natural ingredients which lower the health risk for your family and pets. They do not contain toxic chemicals such as phosphates, chlorine and nitrates.
2. Cleaner Air.

There are many risks involved in using damaging chemicals around your home, but one that you may not already know is that cleaning with harsh chemical products contaminates the air in your home through the evaporation of toxic fumes and vapours. You and your family are then exposed to these toxic substances when you breathe, which increases the risk of developing respiratory conditions such as asthma.

Eco friendly products do not contaminate the air in your home, as they contain gentler natural ingredients.
3. Eco friendly cleaning products don’t harm the natural environment.

General household cleaning products are not often recognised as pollutants, but the harsh chemicals that are found in most general cleaners contribute to smog, harm the quality of drinking water and they are also toxic to plants and animals. When they're flushed into the water system its difficult for water treatment plants to remove them in large volume, and some can’t be removed at all. They then build up over time, impacting animal and plant life and contaminating the ecosystem.

Eco friendly cleaning products do not contain any of these highly damaging chemicals, such as chlorine, phosphates and nitrates, which cause pollution in the environment, making them a safer and much better option for the Earth. Using products like these are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.
4. Lower risks

The use of general household cleaners often requires the use of protective gear to defend our skin, eyes and lungs from harm. Accidentally coming into contact with some of these products can be risky, and at times just outright dangerous. Have you ever accidentally breathed your chemical cleaner in? It’s not pleasant, right?

Eco friendly cleaning products eliminate these risks because they contain gentler natural ingredients. You won’t be needing those sweaty rubber gloves anymore!
5. Cost effective.

Commercial cleaning products can be expensive, due to the cocktail of chemicals they’re made with. Often the consumer is paying for the prestige of the brand itself and the cost of developing their packaging, rather than the quality of the product itself. Eco friendly cleaners contain natural plant-based ingredients which don’t cost the Earth - literally. Buy in bulk and you’ll save even more!

For example, Tri Nature’s naturally derived Supre Multi Purpose Cleaner is available in 1L and 5L bulk options. 50ml of diluted concentrate used would result in over 20 x 500ml refills from the 1L concentrate, and 100 x 500ml refills from 5L concentrate, before you would need to purchase more.

Now that’s an awful lot of cleaning! Just think of all that destructive plastic waste you’d be eliminating from the environment too!
6. Know what’s in your cleaning products.

Unlike most general cleaning products, eco friendly brands are proud of the ingredients they use - or rather the one’s they don’t use in their products, and they tend to be fully transparent to their consumers.

For example, each Tri Nature product listed on Ecostainable outlines the list of ingredients used in all of their products.
7. Performance.

It may surprise you to know, but it’s not actually necessary to use harsh chemicals in order to get a proper clean in your home. In fact, eco friendly cleaning products often perform better than their harmful counterparts. Tri Nature’s Alpha Plus Laundry Powder, for example, is an ABA100 Winner for Eco Innovation in The Australian Brand Awards 2019.

Switching to naturally derived products is a healthier option for you and your family, not to mention the environment, and they also leave no toxic residue behind.

So what are you waiting for? Ditch those toxic household cleaners and switch to a healthier, environmentally considerate brand such as Tri Nature. You’ll be so glad you did.
Happy Cleaning!

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