If You Care - Large Baking Cups

If You Care - Large Baking Cups

If You Care

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If You Care Large Baking Cups (patty pans) are made from unbleached, chlorine free, FSC parchment paper.  The non stick surface will ensure you enjoy your cupscale right down to the last crumb!  The baking cups are also fully compostable ensuring a waste free snack.

  • Compostable parchment paper helps keep food wastes out of landfill.  Food waste in landfill creates Methane - a toxic Greenhouse Gas, that contributes to Ozone Layer depletion.
  • Microwave safe and oven proof up to 220oC.
  • The large size baking cup is designed standard muffin tins. 
  • Box contains 60 baking cups, with a base of approximately 5cm diameter.
  • Cups can also be reused if you're extra savvy!
  • Tear into small pieces to help with composting.
  • Vegan friendly.
  • Packaged in recycled cardboard, which can be recycled or torn into small pieces for the compost.
  • Made in Sweeden.

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